Sunflower Dead - It's Time To Get Weird (Live)

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Saturday October 1, 2016 at Oddbody’s Music Room in Dayton, Ohio, I had the opportunity to see Sunflower Dead during their “It’s Time to Get Weird” (Live) show as part of the Mushroomhead Halloween Tour which also features Unsaid Fate, Raven Black, and Death Division.

Oddbody’s Music Room holds roughly 360 patrons at capacity, so it is not a real large venue. On this particular night at this very intimate venue, Oddbody's was pretty much filled to capacity by the time Sunflowerd Dead took the stage around 10:05pm and they did not disappoint.

When you first see Sunflower Dead in their makeup and costumes they are very different than so many other bands that seem to have dove into the realm of face paint these days. They each have their own distinct persona reminiscent of KISS, yet different. Their makeup and costumes truly seem to be an extension of who they really are as individuals, as opposed to just throwing on some makeup for the sake of throwing on makeup. Just as KISS experienced back in their early years and even to this day, it is experiencing Sunflower Dead live and in person that truly puts the entire package into perspective.

The band members of Sunflower Dead are Michael Del Pizzo (Lead Vocals, Accordion), Jaboo (Lead Guitar), Jamie Teissere (Rhythm Guitar), Rob Cisnero (Bass) and Jimmy Schultz (Drums). The set consisted of nine, energetic, hard hitting songs, featuring an epic cover version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take", which you can find on their freshman, self-titled album. If there was anything negative about the entire set it was that it was over almost as quickly as it started. The band had the audience, including myself, captivated from the very first note played until the very last. The set flowed perfectly in how the songs were arranged and took the audience on a journey through the minds of Sunflower Dead individually and collectively.

I may be biased in that I have already interviewed Del Pizzo and have been acquainted with Schultz, through mutual friends and bandmates, but it is in my honest opinion that while only touring for their sophomore album, these guys should be in the headlining position, not in the support position. With their flawless, seamless, flowing set of hard hitting melodic metal songs, their musicianship, their showmanship, and their down to earth personable demeanors, Sunflower Dead is sure to be around for a long time to come.

I highly recommend seeing these guys live as they surely do not disappoint. Be on the lookout for Sunflower Dead on tour, as they are on this current tour until October 30th with the possibility of heading back out with Mushroomhead once again in December. Be sure to check out their Website for all things Sunflower Dead, find and like their Facebook page, check out their videos on YouTube and be sure to purchase their CD’s either online or in a store near you.


Sunflower Dead Set list:

1. You’re Dead to Me

2. It’s Time to Get Weird

3. I’ll Burn It

4. My Mother Mortis

5. Halo

6. Through the Blackest Eyes

7. Every Breath You Take

8. Wasted

9. The Point of Decision


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