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When a band you enjoy immensely offers to fly you out to Texas to watch them in action, you simply say yes. I had no idea what was going to be in store, but knowing the Marcus Lindsey Band, I knew it would be a phenomenal experience. 

Lindsey has a voice that the current country music world is in desperate need of. His ability to reach high notes without fail is impressive. His pitch is always spot on. His delivery is flawless. His band? They are all equally stellar in their delivery of each lick, beat, and riff. 

Their transition from just a bunch of fun guys at the dinner table to a band performing together on stage reminds me of a puffer fish. They seemed small and ordinary at first, but with the hitting of the first beat and sound of the first note, they transformed into a large powerful force on stage that stunned the entire audience. Dancing immediately ensued and the crowd instantly came to life.

These guys have a chemistry together that is clearly undeniable. Lucky for Center Stage Magazine, we were able to catch several of their sets. From covers to originals, the Marcus Lindsey Band rocks it all with ease. Just as you begin to think that there's nothing else this band can surprise you with, they break out an amazing a capella interlude for a quick change of pace mid-show.

Dizzy Dave Dalton and his Keytar playing will leave you in complete awe. His energy on stage alone; well you need to see it for yourself. Matt Van Hiel, the prodigy drummer, can not only bang the hell out of the drums, his vocal performance will leave you yearning for more. His tone is rich and pure and will hook you. Jeff Nickolson plays a mean bass and demonstrates his vocal talents alongside Lindsey in songs they wrote together beautifully. Jon Stankorb (Signs Of Life The Essense Of Pink Floyd) and his 25 years of experience has brought kick ass rock to the fast paced songs that everyone knows and loves. That brings me to Lindsey. I am still astonished by his faultless musical talent. I have genuinely not heard anyone this superb in a long time. 

Do yourself a favor and order your copy of Marcus Lindsey featuring "One Less Fool in Amarillo", "Fridaynightitus", "Foolin' a Fool" and more. Do not forget to follow them on social media and check out our previous interview with Marcus Lindsey if you haven't already. ~Missy



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