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When it comes to interviewing an artist for the first time, it is hard to predict exactly how the conversation will go. While some artists just have a script in their head on the things they want to talk about in detail, others are up for whatever direction it goes, leaving nothing off-topic. In rare cases, some artists will engage in real, raw conversations where music is hardly the focus. Personally, I have a love for each of these types of conversations yet feel closer to an artist when they show interest in hearing about others.  

Having the opportunity to chat with Sam Grow at this year's Country Radio Seminar, I was completely caught off guard with his interest in what I had going on. While I am used to sharing relatable stories, I never would have predicted that I would be spilling such personal non-music related information during the three-day event in Music City. That is exactly why Grow is special. To put it simply, Grow is just a down to earth guy that happens to be packed with talent. Oddly enough, Grow being a part of the Average Joes family seems quite fitting to me. 

Though we only touched briefly on his Whiskey Don't Freeze tour during our conversation and failed to mention his new single "Song About You" because we were having so much fun talking about things like imposters and the chaos they cause,  food, and California, it was truly a great interview experience. No, it was not packed full of promotion, however, it was packed full of genuine moments that will never be forgotten.

As a result of not properly promoting his new single during our on-camera conversation, I decided to steal this quote directly from Grow's website to share with you. 

“Song About You” just feels like summer to me, and I hope it’ll make people’s playlists so they can make their own memories with it!,” stated Grow about the catchy, uptempo song. “I’ve been wanting to put out this song since I signed my record deal in 2018.  I’m so pumped it got to make the new album and is the lead single.” ~Sam Grow (Taken from his website)

If you are not yet following Grow on social media, please do so now. Not only will you get to connect with this amazing and talented artist, but you will also get to see some pretty great pictures of his adorable furbaby Loretta that I am completely in love with. ~Missy


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