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As CRS (Country Radio Seminar) drew closer there were some additions to my final schedule of interviews and as I glanced over the names of those artists that were added, I got to the name Glen Templeton.  I looked again and his name was still there. After the third look, I realized that he was actually on “my” schedule to interview. I was ecstatic. I called my mother, had her tell my father, I called my boyfriend (which let me just say now, he is such a great sport with me and I am so lucky) and shared the news with him, as well as several friends. I wanted to prepare for this interview as if it were a test, it had to go right. 

The interview prep was a breeze.  Admittedly, there was not too much research to do, no music to be downloaded or videos to see. I have all of Templeton’s music on my iTunes and I have researched him before. Let me explain a little more before it starts to look as if I’m just a crazy stalker. 

As most of you may know, Templeton is known for his “Conway Twitty sound” and at first, listening to him singing a Twitty song, it is extremely difficult to tell the difference in the two. I stumbled upon Templeton performing Twitty’s "That’s My Job" as well as "Goodbye Time" years ago and I had to learn more about him. 

In my research, there was just a familiarity with him that resonated with me. Whether it was the “Conway Inflections” or the “Templeton Tone” I have no idea, it was just a sound I had to add to my playlist and grab everything new that he did. 

This all leads up to being set up to interview him, he walks over and every single bit of research was gone. I literally became the biggest blushing fangirl in the lobby of the Omni Hotel. I still can not explain it and while this has happened before, although rarely, I never expected it to happen now. I am a professional. However, Templeton was amazingly kind and just laughed and squealed along with me. We all started a conversation and realized, hey, this is great stuff, maybe we should start filming. 

Check out the full interview as we discuss all of this including the story of “how he became Conway Twitty” and he graciously shared the intimate and humbling details of how that transformation happened. 

There is something special that happens when you are suddenly a “voice” of a beloved and highly respected artist such as Twitty and I could only imagine the pressure and responsibility it places on an artist. Yet, it can become a double-edged gift, when you want to do right by a revered artist and not lose your own dreams and identity in the process. 

Templeton has been in the music business for awhile now and he has always managed to produce quality songs and performances, which has earned him numerous devoted fans. This time, he is doing it all his way and making sure that he stays true to what he feels is the right path for “his” music and “his goals”. 

The new single, "Hip To Be Country", is a song that Templeton is so proud of and he discusses what this single means to him and what the audience feedback has been.  Check out the interview to find out when this new music will be available for purchase.

I have to say that Templeton is truly one of THE nicest people I have met and the time he spent talking with me, even after some serious “fangirling” with full-on blushing and almost “squeals” ensued will always be appreciated.

Make sure to check him out on all social media platforms as well as iTunes this is one artist you do not want to miss. I am so excited for the new music and look forward to letting Y'all know more when it becomes available. 



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Glen Templeton Tour Dates

08/03/2024 : Private Event: Dayton, OH
08/10/2024 : Brookwood Back to School Bash: Brookwood, AL
08/14/2024 : Main Street Crossing: Tomball, TX
08/17/2024 : Chrome BBQ Cook-Off at Lost La: El Campo, TX
08/23/2024 : Whiskey Tavern Covington: Covington, LA
08/24/2024 : The TUFF Foundation's Stars at: Magnolia, TX
08/31/2024 : Private Event: Liberty, TX
09/28/2024 : Grand Saline Salt Festival: Grand Saline, TX

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