Kenny Rogers "All In For The Gambler" Farewell Concert Celebration Red Carpet Interviews

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There are a lot of moments worth celebrating in life. In every career, there are significant milestones one can reach. In the music industry, one of those milestones is the dreaded retirement of a beloved artist. For Kenny Rogers, his family, and friends, this moment is bittersweet.

As I stood on the red carpet, I was not exactly sure how I was going to manage to keep myself from tearing up while talking to Rogers himself. Although I have spoken to him before, I was not overcome with emotion as I was not having to face the current reality of this being that last performance I would most likely get to see. It was abundantly clear that I was not alone.

As each artist took their time to speak with us, the common theme was that no one was really ready or prepared for one of country music's legends to call it quits. Though each of these fellow artists were sad, they all have wished Rogers well and are happy that he will finally be able to be there for his family and not miss out on some of the life's greatest moments. 

The smiles, the stories, and the emotion in the room was one of the biggest highlights of my career thus far. To be a part of something so special and alongside many others who felt the same joy as I did was incredible. From the PR staff in attendance to the crew, everyone was sharing their memories of Rogers and where they were the first time they heard his music. 

As I spoke with many of Rogers friends and fellow artists, we were all for a moment connected in a way that makes all differences disappear. Everyone was elated and all were fans just as excited as I was. Driving that feeling home for me was watching Justin Moore light up as he spoke about hopefully getting to meet Rogers that night after or before taking the stage to sing "Lucille". 

Hearing Travis Tritt share a beautiful story about the belief Rogers had in him to how much Rogers means to Wynona Judd and how generous he was with T. Graham Brown, there is no doubt in my mind that Rogers is one of the most caring and giving individuals around. We have all been blessed with this man one way or another. For me, it was as a child bonding with my father as we drove in his 1970's Chevy pick-up listening to Rogers play on the 8-track tape.

Sharing these stories prepared me for the moment that was finally here. As Rogers and Dolly Parton walked arm and arm towards me, I was in awe of their brilliance and stunning personalities. They were all smiles and happy to take the time to speak with everyone. Watching them interact together, I knew that all the guest in attendance that night were going to be in for a huge treat during the show. I was right. 

Please watch our full video now for highlights of the night's performances and the interviews we caught backstage.

Special thanks to Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, T. Graham Brown, Lee Greenwood, Justin Moore, TG Sheppard, Kelly Lang, Billy Dean, Chloe Channel, William Lee Golden, Richard Sterban, Tom Petersson, Bello Nock, Travis Tritt, Linda Davis, Kim Forester, Crystal Gayle,Wynona Judd and Naomi Judd for taking the time to speak with us.

Special thanks also go out to Christy Walker-Watkins at Aristo PR, Scott Adkins of Adkins Publicity, Ashley Job at 117 Entertainment and Janice Gray for their help during this special night. We could not have done this without you and we appreciate all your hard work and effort to make this wonderful event memorable for all. ~Center Stage Magazine Staff


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