Wizard World Comic Con with Lou Ferrigno

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Most of the world knows him as Mr. Universe and The Incredible Hulk, but what many may not realize is that Lou Ferrigno is much stronger than the Hulk. 

Experiencing great hearing loss as a child as well as bullying, Ferrigno was determined to find something positive to do and define himself as opposed to letting hearing loss define him. Knowing only a small portion of his start in life in Brooklyn, I was always captivated by his physique as a child. I had never seen anyone else so strong and so fierce. He was real. He was more than I had seen in comics. He was an inspiration to the world.

After being granted press credentials to the famous Wizard World Comic Con, I assumed that getting an interview with Ferrigno was out of the question. I could not have been more wrong. To top it off, he was the first Comic Con guest I was given the privilege to speak with.  

Not being quite "mentally" prepared to speak with the man who has encouraged countless people all over the world, and remained in the spotlight for the better part of 40 plus years, I had no idea if I was going to pull off an interview with this legend calmly.

Immediately welcoming me to interrupt his break, Ferrigno put me right at ease. Something about him made me extremely comfortable and emotional. We spoke about his career and the comedy he recently filmed, along with work he has coming up and the addition of pole dancing at his fitness studio. Yes, I said "pole dancing". 

Knowing how much this man has done for people of all ages through the years, I felt that I needed to share what he, in fact, did for me and my family. After sharing my experience of being in the hospital with my son, fighting for him in my "Lou Ferrigno" shirt, he thanked me. I wanted him to realize that by fighting his own battles as a child, he has continued to fight battles for other children and their family as well. 

To further the delight of my experience with Ferrigno, I discovered that while he was in Nashville for the Wizard World Comic Con, Ferrigno took time out of his busy schedule to visit patients at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. To say I am beyond proud of this man is an understatement. He will always hold a special place in mine and my family's hearts. 

Now, if you want to go a step further with your own health and fitness like I do, please visit his website and follow him on social media to learn how you too can become Ferrigno Fit. ~Missy


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