Wizard World Comic Con with Ivy Doomkitty

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While attending my first Wizard World Comic Con, I sought out an interview with well-known CosPlayer, Ivy Doomkitty. After following her on social media and looking through all the pictures she has posted of her stunning and elaborate costumes, my mind was flooded with questions for her.

On the last day of the Comic-Con, I was able to grab Doomkitty for a quick interview at her booth. Little did I realize, she was also in the middle of live-streaming. Both of us in costume with smiles plastered across our faces, we proceded to talk about her journey into the Comic-Con world. 

Starting out as a fan wanting to meet her favorite artists (actors, singers, etc.), Doomkitty soon realized that this event was something different. This place was a gathering of those that love the world of vibrant characters. Doomkitty explained that it took her about 5 years to have the courage to walk the Cons in full costume and she has been doing it ever since. 

Whether she is in a simple CosPlay costume that enables her to sit however she wants, or she is in a costume that requires special attention to avoid an embarrassing malfunction, she rocks them all. Her attention to detail when creating these looks does not go unnoticed by her fans. Doomkitty explains the process of making these costumes and encourages anyone who is thinking about attending a Con in costume to give it a shot. Doomkitty expressed that as a fan, you do not have to be in full costume to have a good time. From a simple t-shirt to a casual Superman, or full-blown Storm Trooper, anything goes at Comic-Con.

After getting into the spirit myself, I found that when you dress up at a Comic-Con, fans will stop you to pose for pictures with them. It doesn't matter who you are, when someone is a fan of your particular character, they want a picture. I posed for many pictures myself. Doomkitty has many fans that came to her booth for a picture. Watching these moments take place for both the fans and CosPlayers was exciting, for these moments consisted of pure happiness. 

Please follow Doomkitty on social media now. Feel free to message her and send her any questions you have about techniques, advice on costumes, how to get started, or anything else Comic-Con related. You will not be disappointed as this CosPlayer seems to have it all dialed in. See you at the next Con. ~Missy


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