Center Stage Magazine and Heart Songs Corporation Host Independent Artist Showcase at Alley Taps

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The Country Music Festival (CMA Fest) held in Nashville, Tennessee is arguably the biggest country music festival in the world. Stage after stage throughout the city, you will find great local talent along with country music's hottest stars.

After getting to know many independent artists, Center Stage Magazine partnered with Heart Songs Corporation to host a unique Independent Artist Showcase in the iconic Printer's Alley in downtown Nashville at Alley Taps. In addition to playing their set and having their performance live streamed, each artist was interviewed, promoted on Project Lips radio show through Heart Songs Corporation, and they were able to sell merchandise the entire duration of the 4-day showcase

Our first priority was securing a venue. We were fortunate that we had already become friends with the owner of Alley Taps since our CMA Fest 2016 coverage, so when Tom Kiermaier agreed to let us use his establishment for our event, we wasted no time in our planning.

After careful thought, each of us decided that we should also raise money for charity. Being that there were so many charities to choose from, we also thought it would be great to choose a different charity each of the four days. The charities we selected were the American Cancer Society, Heart Songs For Veterans, Autism Speaks, and Crohn's & Colitis Foundation.

During our third day of performances, we were told a devastating story about one of the musicians on stage. Chad Trout was performing with Jaime Fox, both members of the Desert Okies, and was in the hospital the day before to biopsy suspected pancreatic cancer. We all know that the news of any cancer is devastating, but pancreatic cancer is known to be very hard to treat and diagnose early. What made this news even more devastating is that Trout quit his job just 3 weeks before the diagnosis and now has to maintain COBRA insurance at a significantly high rate of $500 per month. It was at this moment that Centerstage Magazine and Heart Songs Corporation decided to push back on raising money for Autism Speaks in an effort to help one of our own. We have decided to raise money for Autism Speaks at our next event in September. If you would like to help our friend and talented musician with his insurance cost to help lessen the burden he now bears, please go to their website and order a CD or two. 100% of the profit will go directly to Trout to help with his medical expenses.

With the support of friends, artists, family, sponsors, and CMA Fest attendees, our first Independent Artist Showcase was a success. We cannot thank everyone enough for the part that they played. If you would like to know more about this event, please stay tuned as we will be releasing several interviews over the next several weeks. You can also catch each of the performances on our Facebook page, as well as connect with these artists via social media.

Here is the list of performers we were lucky enough to have during this showcase: 

Juliana Hale, Wade Hayes, Jake Worthington, Audra McLaughlin, Laura Walsh, Chesapeake Sons, Craig Wayne Boyd, Luke Caccetta, Curtis Grimes, The Ville Band, Aaron Daniel, Janelle Arthur, Amelia Presley, Rocky, Jake Arch, Catt McCreary, Karissa Ella, Alex Seier, Denny Strickland, Whiskey Kate, Ray Scott, Ryan Broshear, Moccasin Creek, Sean Austin Band, Justin Kemp Band, Kylie Mac, Auburn McCormick, Melissa Ramski, Leslie Doak, Tyler Jordan, Shaniah Paige, Jamie Fox and Chad Trout, Southern Halo, Julia Neville, Billy Brown Band, Liddy Clark, Sara Ann Garrison, Cory Singer, Sarah Darling, Curt Chambers and Shauna Madinah, Wildwood, Lexi James, Laura Rice, Hannah Goebel, Ali Morgan, Mark Alan Cash, David Langley, Rachel Dawson, Chelsea Gill, Elizabeth Lyons, Rob Carona, Jeff Ray, Lacy Cavalier


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