Dan Kouba releases new single "We The People" May 20, 2022

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Following up his single "Hey There Mister Rodgers", Dan Kouba is releasing "We The People" everywhere Friday, May 20, 2022. As he geared up for this release, Kouba hopped on a zoom meeting with me to share his story. Where do I even begin with his story? If you read his bio, you would see that Kouba is a very accomplished and successful businessman. You would see that after his second heart surgery, he found a love for music and began a new career, however, you would not feel the emotion I felt while listening to him share that particular moment in his life. 

Artists are always asked questions like, "What made you want to get into the music industry?". For Kouba, I got the impression that it wasn't a choice, but rather, something that had to happen for life to continue. Music just had to be the answer. The answer he needed to survive was plain and simply "Music". Most everyone has heard that music is great therapy, that it heals, and is a universal language. For many, music is the only thing they know. For others, like Kouba, music becomes your path to a better life with a clear purpose of helping others as a way to ultimately help yourself.

Though we talked about many songs he has written, and the powerfully emotional stories behind them such as "Ginger", the beginning of his musical journey is what captivated me the most.  His reasons for where he is today, his grateful heart for where he has been, and for those who have been with him every step of the way are just a few of the moments shared that were so full of emotion and gratitude. The best part of this was his smile as he recounted each person's role in his being alive today and the undoubted love he has for each of them. 

As you read the press release below and get to know this country newcomer, remember that life may be short and we may think we do not have enough time to start over or find a new path, but it is because life is too short that we should never be afraid to start over or find a new path to travel. ~Missy




Dan Kouba Releases New Single “Hey There Mister Rodgers”



Premiered by The Josie Network and Nashville.com

"Country Music meets NFL with Dan Kouba's new tribute song about his favorite Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers. You will love this catchy get-up and dance song!” - Judy Shields, The Hollywood Times


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Singer/songwriter Dan Kouba sends a lighthearted message to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers with the release of his new single “Hey There Mister Rodgers.” Relatable to die-hard Packers fans, the witty tune proves Kouba’s loyalty and gives thanks to Rodgers. A “Packer ‘till the end,'' Kouba sings what all fans are thinking - “we pray that you won’t go!” “Hey There MisterRodgers” was premiered by The Josie Network and Nashville.com and is available to download and stream on all digital platforms now!

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“As a devoted Green Bay Packers fan with the ability to write and sing, I felt compelled to do my part to keep Aaron Rodgers wearing the famed green and gold uniform by honoring him with a song! ” shares Kouba.

Kouba’s soaring vocals and songwriting skills go beyond this new single, with music inspired by the upcoming documentary “Apache Blues: Welcome Home,” which follows the journey of two filmmakers who try to find the truth between what society teaches and the reality of fighting in war. Kouba’s talent shines in each tune he creates, giving listeners songs that are both relatable and meaningful. Full of life and feeding off the world around him, the release of “Hey There Mister Rodgers” proves there is no slowing down for the gifted musician. Fans will not want to miss this fun single and everything Kouba has planned in the next few months!

About Dan Kouba:
Wisconsin native Dan Kouba found his love for music and started writing original songs after his second heart surgery at 64 years old. Having owned eight companies with 82 employees, and recovering from alcohol for over 30 years, Dan turned to playing guitar and singing for a new journey that keeps him stress-free. Young in spirit, he is able to blend all of his life experiences together with music to create heartwarming and uplifting songs. Dan’s positive energy beams through each creative tune he writes with exciting projects in the works for 2022.



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