CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: Kalie Shorr

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When it comes to needing caffeine to kick-start your day, going without it can lead to a variety of emotions as well as physical side effects such as a major headache. Luckily for me, Kalie Shorr was sweet enough to bail me out of my early morning failed attempt to secure the awakening ingredient I so desperately needed while at CRS earlier this year.

Reconnecting with Shorr at CMA Fest, we talked about the previous tragedy and her brilliant rescue efforts. All kidding aside, it is moments like those that stand out to me and others. Though Shorr was in the middle of a very busy schedule, her heart knew that I was in dire need of some relief and she did not think twice. After coming to my much-needed rescue, I knew then more than ever that Shorr possessed a truly kind soul. While most people would have felt bad or offered me an aspirin, Shorr made sure that I got exactly what I needed even though it required her to make a special trip for me. 

After reminiscing about the events that took place at CRS, Shorr began talking about everything she had been up to since our last visit. From the CMT Next Women Of Country tour to tattoos, we covered a lot of ground. 

One of my favorite moments with Shorr was talking about her song "Candy". It seemed only fitting that her Fanclub party takes place in a candy store. The excitement definitely began to flow through Shorr's veins as she described the event and the special milkshake that was also being created just for this Fanclub party.  I had no doubt in my mind that this party was going to be a hit.

For more on this amazing young female artist, please visit her website and follow her on social media. Make sure you also share her pages with your friends. Trust me, they will thank you for it. ~Missy



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