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Jasmine Cain is the most explosive and dynamic lead singer/bass player that I have ever seen or heard and her band “Jasmine Cain” follows suit in every capacity.

Cain has got to be one of the hardest working females in the music industry without a doubt. I watched Cain not only electrify the crowd this weekend at the 21st Annual Thunder in the Valley motorcycle rally held in Johnstown, PA, also known as Flood City famous for the floods of 1936 and 1977 that devastated the town, but I watched her spend up to two hours after her performances meeting with every single person who wanted her autograph or to snap a photo or just to say Hi and then move directly into almost single-handedly loading the bands gear trailer by herself. I guess she lives by the motto “If you want something done and/or done right, do it yourself.”

Cain and her band, which is comprised of Cain herself on bass guitar and lead vocals, Jordan Roepke on lead guitar and vocals, and Zach Ballard on drums, performed Friday night on the main stage right before Quiet Riot, then again Saturday late afternoon on the main stage right before Great White and then for a third show Sunday, a stripped down acoustic performance at B&L Winery where they were going to be debuting their very own brand of wine called Ghost.

Cain and her band are all planted in Nashville, TN and are very synonymous for playing all of the major motorcycle events and rallies throughout the United States and Canada, including, but not limited to Sturgis, Laconia, Daytona and even many corporate Harley Davidson sponsored events. Although Cain currently has six self-produced CD’s and a seventh on the way, the set consists mainly of in your face cover songs such as “Bark at the Moon” from Ozzy Osbourne, “Monkey Business” from Skid Row, “Barracuda” from Heart, “Crazy Bitch” from Buckcherry, “Welcome to the Jungle” from Guns N' Roses and “Enter Sandman” from Metallica just to name a few. Cain and her band did perform a few of their originals and much to my surprise were all great songs that should be receiving heavy airplay on both terrestrial and satellite radio. I will be certain to be purchasing those CDs for my own collection.

The weather for Thunder in the Valley is always unpredictable and for the last five or six years has seen tons of dark skies and torrential downpours and this weekend was no different yet whether the sun was shining or the rain gods were delivering their goods I never once witnessed Cain without a smile on her face; even after sweating so much on stage Saturday that she ran out of water to sweat she continued her performance until the end as if she was in an air-conditioned arena. The same holds true for the entire band, I was extremely impressed. I also have to say that I have never met a more genuinely nicer or more humble group of musicians than Cain and her band. They all took the same amount of time to meet with fans after their performance, they all helped in loading and unloading the band gear trailer, including setting up and tearing down their own equipment, and even took extra time to hang out with yours truly and share tales from the road including personal  stories about their lives.

I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this weekend both as a performer and as a journalist and I look forward to the next time that I can see Cain and her band live and reconnect with new friends not only in the music business world but now friends in life. I urge each and every one of you who read this article and listen to the interview to do yourself a favor and go check out Jasmine Cain live, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I am officially a Jasmine Cain fan for life.

Cain has been nominated for and won the following awards:
NIMA 2017 Best Live Rock Performers
NIMA 2016 Artist of the Year
NIMA 2015 & 2016 Best Alternative Rock Band
Current and 4-time MCMA Female Rock Vocalist


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Jasmine Cain Tour Dates

06/07/2024 : Dark Horse Saloon presents Jas: Dansville, NY
06/08/2024 : Schoolhouse Farms Annual Fund : Granby, CT
06/11/2024 : Bentley's Saloon Celebrates 20: Arundel, ME
06/13/2024 : Bentley's Saloon presents Jasm: Arundel, ME
06/14/2024 : The Chop Shop presents Jasmine: Seabrook, NH
06/15/2024 : Private Wedding Party : Southwick, MA
06/16/2024 : Southwick Inn presents Jasmine: Southwick, MA
06/20/2024 : Junior's Log Cabin welcomes ba: Campbell, NY
06/22/2024 : Roundhouse Harley Davidson pre: Duncansville, PA
06/29/2024 : J.D. Legends presents Jackyl w: Franklin, OH
07/06/2024 : Steel City Harley Davidson pre: Washington, PA
07/10/2024 : Official Kick Off Party for Ge: Gettysburg, PA
07/11/2024 : Gettysburg Bike Week presents : Gettysburg, PA
07/12/2024 : Gettysburg Bike Week presents : Gettysburg, PA

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