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I am so honored to introduce the next artist I had the pleasure to talk with during Carolina Country Music Festival (CCMF).  Let me introduce you to, The Little Rebel Engine that did herself,  Ms. Stephanie Quayle.  Singer, songwriter, wife, friend, and the founder of Rebel Engine Entertainment.

When you have a resume as long and filled with accolades as Quayle, it is refreshing to still see that "just a girl chasing her dream" attitude when she walked into the interview.  She is probably one of the most humble, sweetest and down-to-earth artists I have had the pleasure of talking with. Let me take a minute and make a list of just some of the exciting things that have occurred in Quayle's world in the past several months.

Quayle spent several months on tour, actually traveling in a Winnebago, staying at KOA (Kampgrounds of America) campgrounds instead of fancy hotel rooms, touring the country from Niagara Falls to Mount Rushmore.  The goal of this tour was to actually "live" the song "Winnebago" on the album as well as have a great time meeting people from everywhere.  This tour included pop-up shows at National Historic Landmarks along with a first time ever performance at the top of the Empire State Building.  Not only a first for the building but also a first for Quayle as she had never visited this site before.  There were also, of course, shows at the campgrounds.

Quayle hosted on the red carpet at the 2018 CMT Awards during CMA Fest in Nashville and then headed on out to South Carolina to perform on two stages then headed back to Nashville for scheduled performances there as well.

Often, an artist, specifically country music artists, have certain milestones that they want to hit along the way.  One of those is to be invited to stand in the 6-foot circle and perform at the Grand Ole Opry.  Quayle had the opportunity to do just that in April of 2018, where it just so happened that Garth Brooks made a special appearance on the same night.  So, two "milestone moments" that so many dreamt about have happened for Quayle, who is so humble and honored by the invitation and looks forward to standing on that stand again in the near future.

In a time when so many are looking for that big label to sign them, having a sky-rocketing career right away, Quayle decided to create a place where the artist's voice to be heard and valued in determining the course of their future.  She developed Rebel Engine Entertainment with the idea of creating a company purposed to collaborate with and involve artists in all aspects of their career.  In 2015, Rebel Engine became a reality and with a small, yet dedicated team full of passion for this business, they officially launched as a full-service independent record label and management company.  With a mission statement of "Rebel Engine exists to inspire and empower passionate people to achieve their highest selves on a global stage artistically, professionally and personally."

As a songwriter, Quayle talks about her music and the changes she has made since meeting her husband and becoming "sappy and in love". Watch our conversation and she talks about the transition from "that is not real" to "Selfish", which is her current single.  This new single speaks to Quayle's husband and her genuine "selfishness" about wanting to be with him and have all of his time.  The single is hitting the hearts of many who are embracing this song and it's meaning as it continues to climb on the charts, currently sitting in the Top 60 on Music Row.  The music video for this single is spinning on CMT Music, currently in the Top 10 of the 12-pack Countdown.

We make sure to discuss many other amazing things that Quayle has done and discuss her amazing fans, also known as the "Flock of Quayle".  Check out the entire interview as we have some laughs and enjoy talking about everything from camping, music and being in love.

Make sure to catch up with Quayle on all social media platforms and get out to see her at a show soon and grab your copy of her new album Love The Way You See Me available everywhere music is sold.

Stephanie, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me during CCMF.  You are just an amazing and beautiful soul and I am honored to have spent some time getting to know you.  Let's do it again very soon.  Remember…. Rice primer, rice powder! You go, girl!



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