Press Release: For Dr Pepper and Brett Eldredge, Delighting Music Fans is Somethin' They're Good At

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For Dr Pepper and Brett Eldredge, Delighting Music Fans is Somethin' They're Good At


Music Audience Exchange Makes The Magic Happen


DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 15, 2017) - Music Audience Exchange (MAX) today announced a new partnership between Dr Pepper and country singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge that celebrates his new single, "Somethin' I'm Good At."

The partnership supplements Brett Eldredge's tour schedule and provides a unique opportunity for Dr Pepper to connect with a passionate community of country music fans, ranging from new listeners to Brett's superfans.

"Dr Pepper is unique and original so for me it's a perfect match for my new song 'Somethin' I'm Good At,'" said Eldredge. "That is what the song is about. You embrace yourself as you are and it's a beautiful thing."

As part of the partnership, Dr Pepper is hosting multiple sweepstakes, giving fans across the country a chance to win a VIP experience and meet Brett Eldredge backstage at tour stops in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Bernardino.

Media campaigns featuring Brett and his new single will run through August 15 across a mix of streaming services, radio broadcasts, social media, and retailers throughout the U.S., highlighting his partnership with Dr Pepper.

"We are thrilled to be a part of bringing Brett's music to more listeners," said Eric Blackwood, Senior Director of Marketing at Dr Pepper. "Brett's career has really taken off and he's very connected to his fans. It's an honor to play a role in how they experience his newest music."

MAX provides the underlying data and technology powering this partnership.

Using proprietary data science that maps specific audience tastes to a database of 765 genres and 2.4 million artists, the MAX Platform™ identified a significant correlation between Dr Pepper lovers and Brett Eldredge fans, then built a program that satisfies what everyone craves: more music and more fans.

The MAX Platform will distribute audio, video, social, and live music experiences to fans across a network of channels that covers 98% of the places fans go to for music.

"At MAX, we believe that brands can and should be the new champions of music," said MAX Founder and CEO, Nathan Hanks. "Everyone wins when major brands like Dr Pepper harness their resources to create unforgettable experiences for the thousands of fans that love this artist."

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About Music Audience Exchange (MAX)
Music Audience Exchange (MAX) is shaping the future landscape of music for the benefit of all: More music. Less ads.

Across billions of streams, video views, social shares, and live shows, there are massive, diverse communities of fans forming around more music and more artists than ever before. MAX has built a platform that deeply understands these audiences, and has created a model that gives brands the opportunity to enrich (not interrupt) the fan experience.

The MAX Platform™ is built on proprietary data science that maps specific audience tastes to a database of 765 genres, 2.4 million artists, and a network of channels covering 98% of the places fans go to for music.

Fans get more music with fewer interruptions. 
Artists get support to reach new and existing fans. 
Brands get to connect with people in a more meaningful way.


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