The Houston Rodeo Welcomes Dierks Bentley....Again

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The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is arguably the biggest and best rodeo in the world. Ask any native Houstonian and they will whole-heartedly back that statement up. For every country music artist, this venue is the pinnacle of their career and if they get the privilege, they know without a doubt, they have arrived. And for Dierks Bentley, well this wasn't his first Rodeo.

Dierks played his first Houston Rodeo show in 2004, making the performance on Friday, March 24th his 7th Rodeo appearance. Yes, Houston loves some Dierks Bentley, and he loves Houston back. His performance included a lot of story-telling, as any stellar country show should, leading into his hit song "I Hold On" about his favorite memory of his trip to Nashville with his dad in his 1994 Chevy pickup. While his father has since passed on, Dierks holds on to his pickup truck and like the song says, "I wouldn't trade that thing in for a rocket."

Starting off the evening with a list of ballads, his voice was pure, rugged perfection. Including "Different for Girls" in the set without his duet sidekick, the Rodeo crowd was happy to fill in for Elle King. Every cowgirl in the room sang their hearts out and it brought a big, sexy grin to Dierks' face.

Mid-set, Dierks complimented Texans for their staunch patriotism and steadfast belief in prayer, leading into a tribute to military, teachers, and other everyday heroes followed by a smashing performance of his song, "Riser". My body was fraught with chills as he sang those lyrics of strength and promise that come what may, we are all going to be alright, because as long as we keep rising, we are all survivors.

Moving into the last part of his 7th Houston Rodeo performance, Dierks continued his set with hit party songs like "Somewhere on a Beach", "What Was I Thinking", and closing with "Drunk on a Plane". All #1 singles, the crowd went wild. Men and women alike seemed to be drawn to the energy and charisma of this Arizona boy with humble roots. It's hard not to love Dierks Bentley. Always a classic entertainer, he was on point that night.

In true Houston Rodeo style, Dierks ended his set and was escorted around the NRG Arena in the back of a pickup truck to get a closer view of his buck wild fans. Dierks let Houston know he'd like to keep coming back. I have no doubt Houston will welcome him back. Mr. Bentley, we're still holding on to you.


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