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Growing up is Southern California and spending most of my life here, I have come to the realization that other parts have the country have an extremely different way of life. From the music to the food,  climate, and landscape, it can feel like a completely different world when you visit. Rod Melancon takes his fans on a journey straight through Southern Louisiana with his unique sound of the south combined with haunting lyrics.

When I first listened to his music, I thought there was something extremely special inside of it. Little did I know, the special sound I heard was his love and pride for his life, his hometown, and heritage combined with chilling tales of loved ones passed on.

Though it took me a while to realize that the title of his new EP LA14 was actually the highway in his beautiful home state that connected him to many cities, I knew that this album was very original and true to who he is as an artist and person in general.

During our conversation, I quickly noticed that this artist not only has a ton of patience for those of us that have a hard time pronouncing names with an accent, he also has an extremely kind heart and fabulous personality. I tried to pronounce his name, I really did. I, unfortunately, failed miserably as you will hear. We laughed and moved on to what is important. His music.

Melancon’s style of Southern Rock contains real, painfully tragic and honest lyrics. Songs like “Dwayne and Me”, “Perry”, and “The Lights of Carencro” are full of raw emotion contained in the stories behind them, while “A Man Like Me Shouldn’t Own a Gun” captures more of the fun and humorous side of things, and “By Her Side” is a song about love.  Listening to Melancon describe the birth of these songs captivated me. Capturing real topics such as the hell of addiction, tragedy, and love can be daunting, though his approach to his craft is genuine, which in my opinion deserves a lot of respect.

Please follow this truly original artist on social media now, grab a copy of his new EP and stay tuned for a full-length album out next year. ~Missy


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