Conversations with Missy: Spencer Crandall at the Troubadour

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Many of you may remember Spencer Crandall from his previous interview here at Center Stage Magazine. If not, be sure to check that one out too. Recently we caught up with Crandall while in West Hollywood, California at the legendary Troubadour concert venue.

Though I surprisingly ambushed Crandall after Tyler Rich took the stage, he graciously agreed to go on camera for a follow-up conversation. With a smile on his face, we stood outside, just under the marquee that lit up with his name across it.

I asked Crandall about his experience opening for Rich at such a historic venue. He beamed with excitement as he spoke about the night’s events. Completely elated, Crandall never stopped smiling. His gratitude for what he has been able to accomplish this far was beautiful to see. I could not help but feel proud of his accomplishments as he was so genuinely appreciative to everyone who has helped him make it this far.

We spoke about the many plans he has for the future, music and more. You will never guess who his neighbor is going to be. I imagine he is going to have some thrilling stories to share and cherish as he continues on this incredible journey. Be sure to watch our full conversation now and get to know country music’s next rising star.

Please take a moment to follow Crandall on social media and check out all he has to offer the music world. Do not forget to order your copy of his debut EP Spencer Crandall. As always, thank you for supporting these talented, new artists. I know it means the world to them as it does to everyone here at Center Stage Magazine. I have included links for you to easily follow his social media and purchase his EP direct from iTunes. No excuses, just click. ~Missy


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