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Brace yourself! This country duo is on fire. Their passion, talent, playfulness and desire to help others is mind blowing. Meet Dave and Whitney.Their story is beautiful. At just 23 years old, these two met and ultimately fell in love. I had to know more. How did they meet? How did they connect? Listen as they tell us what those moments were like.

In 2012, Dave and Whitney decided to launch their music career together. Still, I wanted to know who they were before becoming "Dave and Whitney". Whitney was an all-American girl in school. She played sports and was even on the wrestling team! She and I spoke about her original plans of wanting to be in the medical field and how it was her sister who was her inspiration. It was a very touching moment in our conversation. Listening to her story, I was able to relate to her family. It was a special moment for me, as this was the moment I connected to her on a completely different level. Then there was Dave. Immediately I was blown away. All I will tell you is that this man has done something I do not think many can actually claim to have done. Intrigued? Listen to our full conversation for more.

These two have absolutely infectious personalities. Whitney is feisty and fun, Dave has a great sense of humor and loves her so much. I had to tell them that they, in fact, were "My People". I think we all laughed at that. I stand by it; however. One thing that stood out to me was their desire to help keep music in schools. We spoke about the importance of music and the relation it has to learning abilities within each of us. It was easy to see how passionate these two are and how committed they are to making a difference in people's lives. 

With the release of their six song EP Alibi, you can see the amount of positivity and love these two want to infect the world with. The title track has a great amount of positivity within a dark storyline. I immediately wanted to hear more. I then listened to "Another Now". This is one of those songs that you cannot help but relate to. Many of us have that friend you could not help but fall in love with. You desperately want to be with them, though you do not want to risk losing them in the end if the relationship fails. Capturing real emotions with relatable content is what makes their music addicting. 

Go follow them on all social networks. Catch one of the 150+ shows they do per year. Download their music and watch their videos. I know you will be just as hooked as I am. ~Missy


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