CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Dave and Whitney

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Our next CMA Fest Artist Spotlight is our friends Dave and Whitney. What can I say about this adorable couple? You just need to watch them for yourself and let them steal your heart. I know they will. The amount of positive energy that blanketed the entire green room was oozing out of Whitney. I absolutely adore her and I am not afraid to admit that I asked her if I could just keep her as she is very uplifting and good for the soul.

Here is a glimpse of who these two are. Check out their bio (taken from their website) below.

"Meet Whitney…

Whitney is an energetic, enthusiastic, spitfire with “can-do” persistence.  An Army Master Sergeant’s daughter, she was raised in Hanover, Indiana.  The 5ft. tall teenager tossed her endless energies into various high school sports.  She was a four-year cross-country and track star, a member of the soccer and swimming teams and she threw her big little weight around on the mat as part of the “Rebels” wrestling team.

Whitney was inspired by her younger sister (who was born with the rare Chromosome 8 genetic disease) to study respiratory therapy; she studied at both Jefferson University and Technical College and University of Louisville.  The graduate had full intention to pursue her career in the medical services arena, but a teacher from another congregation had her own vision.  Whitney was a regular performer at Hanover United Methodist Church.

“Rev. Vicki, saw an entirely different vision for my future.  She took me by the hand and brought me up the ranks to mold my singing career in the church. That’s where my voice and performance manifested and Rev. Vicki was my biggest cheerleader and David helped me to decide on my purpose.”

Enter Dave…

Dave Campbell, reigning from Seymour, Indiana, will be the first to admit he’s a geek who actually enjoys the academic of  “critical spontaneous thinking.”  A self-described country boy, David spent much of his time following in the footsteps of his dad to watch him perform at various “animal clubs” (Moose Club/Elks Club/Eagles Club). His father taught him the basics of guitar, but it quickly became evident the young teenager was simply born to strum.  At age 15, Dave began teaching guitar lessons—with more than 30 students a week on his schedule.  The senior high school “mathlete” landed house gigs at the local area Applebee’s and Chili’s restaurants and before he departed Indiana University (where he studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing), the guitar prodigy was playing more than 100 dates a year.

“I’ve just never stopped playing. I’ve never had a ‘regular’ job with W-2 income! But, I’m still ‘Takin’ Care Of Business’...look at me, I’m self-employed, I love to work at [guitar] playing all day!”..."

These two artists will forever be a part of Center Stage Magazine. Special shout out to Katie Bear, we are so excited that you are moving up and doing well. Be sure to watch our full conversation now. Then follow these two adorable artists on social media and stay up to date with all of their latest news and upcoming shows. All I can say is get ready world, Dave and Whitney are on fire. ~Missy


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