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How many times have you witnessed a moment in life that brings you to tears or moves you? It is a beautiful thing to see. Watching people set aside their own problems to help another is truly magnificent. On October 29, 2015, we here at Center Stage Magazine were fortunate enough to be a part of one of these great moments. 

While filming from the sound booth of the M15 Concert Bar and Grill in Corona, California, I watched through the camera lens off and on as Wade Hayes put on a stellar performance. The audience was dancing, singing along, smiling and overall genuinely happy to be there. People cheered and applauded at each song choice as though Wade played his entire set according to what the audience requested. It was perfect. I was soon to find out that this was no ordinary show and that we were capturing extraordinary and extremely emotional footage. 

As some of you may know, Wade Hayes is a Stage 4 Colon Cancer SURVIVOR! When he was diagnosed and given a 12 percent chance of survival, you can imagine that made him think. He penned a song titled, "Is it Already Time" that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. The lyrics will have you in tears as you think about those who have not succeeded in their fight against cancer, those who are fighting, those who have yet to fight and those who have won. This song, while sad and gut-wrenching, helped raise awareness to the importance of getting screened for cancer and not waiting until it is too late. Wade teamed up with the Colon Cancer Alliance and donated all of the proceeds from this song to the cause. 

Wade is now Cancer FREE! He credits God for this miracle and at the advice of his Oncologist, has chosen to LIVE HIS LIFE! Those words spoken by his Doctor led him to write the song and title of his current CD, Go Live Your Life. As Wade prepared to sing this song a few announcements were made. Longtime fan, Connie Womack, nervously approached the microphone on stage to share with the audience that a Facebook group called, Wade's Warriors, held an auction on one of his rare video compilations on VHS (donated by longtime fan and friend Cheryl Harvey-Hill). She then explained that she was the fan with the winning bid of $300 and presented him with a money order made payable to the Colon Cancer Alliance. WOW! Wade then signed the video and everyone applauded with enthusiasm. 

If that were not enough, a donation bucket was placed on the stage directly in front of Wade. As he performed Go Live Your Life, fans started walking up to the stage placing their donations in the bucket. It was beautiful. I was a soaking wet, eyes filled with tears, mess! I had no idea that I would be privileged to see such an amazing moment take place. The community came together for one cause, helping others. There were no second thoughts, no hesitations. Everyone reached into their pockets or purses and found something to give. These are the moments worth remembering and sharing. These are the moments faith in humanity is restored. These are the moments worth writing about. I live for these moments. 

Cancer is not a joke. Cancer does not discriminate. Go get tested. Go get screened. Save your matters! ~Missy


Special Thanks to Kristin @ KCT Photography for capturing so many great shots during this special concert event!


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