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Many of you know Bryan White as the sweet young boy that made every girl wish she was "Rebecca Lynn!" His beautiful hair and boyish good looks combined with his strong yet soothing voice instantly made him desirable to many female fans. For some fans, it was simply his voice that drew them in. 

Samantha Rodriguez (Hartley at the time) was not a fan of country music. She didn't want anything to do with it, but all of that was about to change. That is when she heard, "Someone Else's Star", and immediately wanted to hear more. Since that moment, she has been a loyal fan and attended CMA Fest in 1998 with the hopes of meeting her new favorite artist. After trying several times, she was unable to make it happen; however she was not giving up. One year later while working as a vendor at the local fairgrounds, she was able to find her way backstage the night of Bryan's performance. She stated that even though he was exhausted, he was very gracious and took the time to meet her and take pictures with her. She credits her love of country music to Bryan White and continues to remain a fan today.

These are the stories we love to hear about. Bryan White is definitely one of the best and has left a positive impression on many. He has such a kind heart and sweet soul. Watching him with his fans during and after his performance at the Historic Museum Club in Flagstaff, AZ, was very heartwarming. After the show, they lined up for the chance to take photos with him, get autographs and share stories with him. He was all smiles and so were the fans. 

It was during the show that you got to see Bryan in a different way. He is HYSTERICAL! Keep in mind that this particular performance was on Halloween. There he was sitting next to another fabulous country artist, Wade Hayes, both dressed in costumes. Bryan was dressed as a Navy Seal, Wade dressed as Ron Burgundy (complete with wig and mustache). Immediately they had everyone laughing.  Bryan cracked jokes throughout the night and had us all in stitches. At one point, he took Wade's mustache and put it on....oh boy...what came next was priceless. Will Adkins, the keyboard player, began playing the theme song for the "Mario Bros" for comedic effect. Thankfully, we captured footage of it as it all took place on stage. The audience roared with laughter. (See related videos below)

As the night came to a close and fans went home, Bryan and I were finally able to have our conversation. Again, being that it was Halloween we were both in costume. I will leave my costume as a surprise for you, so watch our video to find out who I was dressed as! 

It was so nice getting to speak with Bryan about his song, "God Gave Me You". This song was a top 40 hit for Bryan in 1999. It has resurfaced recently in the Philippines and has generated a lot of attention and interest in Bryan White fans there as if this is a NEW release. No doubt this is an exciting time for Bryan. Watch our conversation to hear all about how this song has recently impacted his career. ~Missy


Center Stage Magazine would like to take a moment and offer our condolences to the family and friends of Sharon Eaves. Sharon has been the head of Bryan's fan club since day one and became his manager about 10 years ago. Sharon was extremely excited for Bryan's upcoming trip to the Philippines. She will definitely be missed by many. Sharon had partnerships with many country artists such as Kieth Urban and Brad Paisley. All that knew her loved her. To show your love and support for this remarkable woman, please consider making a donation to the following link in her honor.

(Special "Thank You" to Lani Leonard for sharing some of her great photos with us from this fun night.)



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