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CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Amelia Presley

CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Amelia Presley

1593 days ago / Missy Wolf

Next up for CMA Fest Artist Spotlight is Amelia Presley. This powerhouse blew us away during her set at Alley Taps at CMA Fest. Rocking the stage while pregnant in her super cute dress, I was completely taken back. Having so much power vocally while that far along in her pregnanc...

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10/30/2020 : Scott Hayley's EzraFest Hangover Dance: May, TX
10/31/2020 : Pickin’ for Veterans 2020: Bowie, TX
11/14/2020 : Highway Sisters at LAYF Annual Rib Roast: Grand Prairie, TX
11/22/2020 : The Sunday Open with Joe Savage: Fort Worth, TX