CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Amelia Presley

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Next up for CMA Fest Artist Spotlight is Amelia Presley. This powerhouse blew us away during her set at Alley Taps at CMA Fest. Rocking the stage while pregnant in her super cute dress, I was completely taken back. Having so much power vocally while that far along in her pregnancy was impressive. Her ability to belt out tune after tune was just amazing to watch.

During our conversation backstage, I could not help but want to ask her many questions. Her responses floored me. I absolutely adore this artist and am so happy we had the chance to connect. I am extremely excited for all of you to get to know this gifted artist, so be sure to watch our full conversation now. I also provided her bio (taken from her website) below. Enjoy.

“Amelia Presley is a Country Singer-Songwriter and Recording/Performing Artist with a 10 song album and two singles released. Presley enlisted in the United States Coast Guard in October of 2010 and was discharged in August of 2015.  In that time, she received orders to four different units and 2 temporary duties, resulting in a range of songs incorporating experiences from each of those places. Prior to joining the military, she grew up on a farm in Franklin Creek, MS. From an early age, she aspired to follow in the footsteps of her cousin, Elvis Presley. She began writing songs as soon as she was able to write and would memorize the melodies. After joining the Coast Guard, she was first stationed at Air Station New Orleans, Louisiana and began to pursue music heavily. She first recorded a song she wrote called "Silver Tongue" in Kenner, Louisiana. In 2012, she began recording her debut album in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly after recording acoustic versions of the first three songs, Presley received orders to Machinery Technician "A" School in Yorktown, Virginia. Determined to finish recording, she drove all night from Virginia to Tennessee to make it to a 10:00am recording session. After recording all day, she returned to Virginia. This concluded the acoustic album temporarily named "Backwoods Love Story", but she felt it necessary to re-record with a full band. In 2013, after being stationed at Coast Guard Station Wachapreague, Virginia, she sold her horse and horse trailer to afford recording fees for the full band recording session. After nights of sleeping in a truck on the way to Nashville and a horse sold, the album was fully recorded. The album name was changed to "No Pony Ride" in honor of the horse sold to afford the album and in reference to a lyric in the song, "Southern Vacation". She began performing with another active duty Singer-Songwriter and her album were featured on a radio station on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Shortly before discharging from the military, she toured with Country Music legend, Ronnie McDowell and continues to play nationwide including many events for military veterans.  She now lives in her home state of Mississippi and is in the process of recording her second album in Nashville.  Her single, "Hard Headed Mama", was released in January of 2016.  In March of 2016, Amelia Presley signed to the label, Heart Songs Corporation, after becoming an ambassador for Heart Songs For Veterans.  Her single, "Get Lucky", was recently released under the label with all proceeds going to Heart Songs for Veterans.”

Please go follow her on social media. Help her help the cause by downloading her single “Get Lucky” and download her full album as well. You will absolutely love her. Just in case you were wondering, she most certainly is related to the King. Singing is a dominant part of the bloodline. Get ready to be wowed by her. ~Missy


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03/24/2024 : Battle of the Bands 2024: Fort Worth, TX

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