Get To Know Andrew Davis and James Ford of Them Dirty Roses

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Getting to know Them Dirty Roses

As a part of celebrating the newest single from Them Dirty Roses "Birmingham Steel", Center Stage Magazine wanted to do more than simply share a press release or link to the song, so when we were given the chance to send in some fun interview type questions for the guys in the band, we jumped at the opportunity. Where to start was a big deal, as we wanted to make sure that we had a combination of serious and silly/fun questions. Andrew Davis and James Ford certainly did not disappoint us with their answers.  We hope you enjoy getting to know the band as much as we did. ~Missy



1. How does "Birmingham Steel" pay homage to the band's Southern Rock roots and their connection to their hometown?

Andrew Davis: Both Birmingham and our hometown of Gadsden were big steel manufacturers throughout our childhood. They shaped the economy of our area, and we all knew somebody who worked there. 

James Ford: Growing up, we all had a lot of family members who worked in industries and at the steel plant. We saw family members grinding it out at the factory every day to support their family and we thought the comparison between being consistent and stable for someone interesting.


2. Can you elaborate on the songwriting process behind "Candle In The Dark," and how it reflects the band's personal experiences and growth as musicians? 

Andrew Davis: From a lyrical standpoint, I can't speak, but musically, I think it's a huge step forward for the band as a whole.

James Ford: We had been writing with Phillip White and James LaBlanc in Muscle Shoals and one day we were kind of tapped out of ideas. James brought up a song he had written some time ago. We all liked it so we started working on the arrangement in FAME studios. Writing and collaborating with great writers like Phillip and James taught us a lot and showed us that we could hold our own in the studio.


3. How do you think "Birmingham Steel" and "Candle In The Dark" contribute to the evolution of Them Dirty Roses' sound, while still staying true to their Southern Rock roots? 

 Andrew Davis: As we tour and write music, we get better at both things. I think “Birmingham Steel” and “Candle In The Dark” are songs that showcase a big step forward in the abilities of everyone in the band.

James Ford: Making music for me has always been experimental. I enjoy trying new styles and seeing what comes out. “Birmingham Steel” and “Candle In The Dark” are both different songs from each other and from our previous work. As a band, I think, we’ll always keep pushing ourselves to make the best music we can for our fans. 


4. What message or emotion do you hope listeners take away from "Birmingham Steel" and "Candle In The Dark," and how do these tracks represent the band's journey and identity as Southern Rock torchbearers?

James Ford: “Birmingham Steel” is for everyone out there working hard every day to give their family the best life possible. I hope it makes them feel proud. I hope they know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.


5. As we have all seen in the music industry, some bands have had trouble maintaining positive relationships and unfortunately some tension has led to well-known break-ups. As a band that has grown up together, made the move to Nashville together, and lives under one roof together, how do you all keep it together? 

 Andrew Davis: We've grown up together. There isn't a fight big enough to tear us apart. Even if we do fight, it tends to resolve pretty quickly. 

James Ford: We all have a deep love for each other. It's always been comforting for me to know I have my brothers there with me to have my back and know I’m not alone during this crazy ride we’re taking together. 


6. Do any of you have a favorite on-the-road moment, whether it was with a fan, a funny experience while traveling, or even a prank that was pulled off?

Andrew Davis: That may have to be a phone call. Too many to type in this space. 

James Ford: I don’t know if I have a single moment but I feel lucky to be able to travel and meet all the interesting and amazing people we’ve gotten to know over the years. They know who they are.  


Some extra fun get-to-know-you questions!


1. Who is the worst driver?

Andrew Davis: We're all pretty solid drivers, but Ben is the scariest driver. He likes speed.

James Ford: I don’t know if I’m the worst driver. I probably like driving the least. 


2. Who is the most happy in the mornings?

Andrew Davis: Definitely, not me.

James Ford: Frank. 


3. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? How would you use it to improve your daily life?

Andrew Davis: The ability to fly would be super cool. The ability to stop time would be neat too. I'm not sure how those would improve my life outside of obvious things, but it'd be cool. 

James Ford: Fly. It would be amazing to Jet around to places that would be difficult to get to and fly over the interstates.  


4. How would you describe your personality in the form of a movie genre? Why?

Andrew Davis: I'm not sure the answer to this one. Maybe a WWI documentary. I love history. 


5. What is the most unusual or unique skill you possess and how did you acquire it?

Andrew Davis: I'm not sure I have any unusual skills, to be honest.

James Ford: I draw and paint. I’ve always been really good at faces and noticing certain features people have that others don’t. 


6. Who has the biggest sweet tooth?

Andrew Davis: Definitely, not me.

James Ford: Me or Ben. 


7. If you could pick an artist (living or not) to tour with or collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Andrew Davis: I would have to say Slash and Myles Kennedy. Maybe Ozzy back in the Zakk Wylde days, but I think I'd go too far off the rails if that happened. 

James Ford: Otis Redding. I’ve always been drawn to his voice; there isn’t much live footage or interviews from his life. It would be cool to find out what he was like as a person. 


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Them Dirty Roses Tour Dates

06/27/2024 : Center Stage: Atlanta, GA
06/28/2024 : Skipper's Smokehouse: Tampa, FL
07/04/2024 : Phenix City Amphitheater: Phenix City, AL
07/05/2024 : TOONEYS Music Venue: Mccaysville, GA
07/13/2024 : Lewistown Bike Rally: Lewistown, MT
07/25/2024 : Raccoon Motel: Davenport, IA
07/27/2024 : Humboldt County Fair 2024: Humboldt, IA
08/02/2024 : Friday After Five featuring Th: Owensboro, KY
08/03/2024 : Ash Bash Art and Music Festiva: Mount Vernon, IL
08/09/2024 : Odawa Casino: Petoskey, MI
08/10/2024 : XRoads41: Oshkosh, WI
08/15/2024 : Mississippi Studios: Portland, OR
08/16/2024 : Wheatstock Music Festival 2024: Helix, OR
08/17/2024 : The Olympic Venue: Boise, ID
08/22/2024 : Lava Cantina The Colony: The Colony, TX
08/23/2024 : Silver Saloon: Terrell, TX
08/24/2024 : Gruene Hall: New Braunfels, TX
09/05/2024 : Bird's Nest Listening Room: Dunn, NC
09/06/2024 : Bird's Nest Listening Room: Dunn, NC
09/14/2024 : Hurricane Alley Live: Bossier City, LA
09/20/2024 : Moccasin Creek Off Road Park: Blackshear, GA
10/04/2024 : Them Dirty Roses at The Mil at: Nashville, TN
10/11/2024 : The Paramount: Ashland, KY
10/11/2024 : North Springs Music Festival 2: Whitleyville, TN

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