It was a Helluva Night at the Glen Campbell Museum with Tommy Howell

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Whether you know Tommy Howell from one of his early films such as Secret Admirer, Red Dawn, The Outsiders, or Side Out just to name a few, chances are you still do not know the level of talent and heart he truly possesses. I found myself hanging on to every word he spoke during my recent interview with him, and I still managed to find myself absolutely amazed by his stellar performance on the Rhinestone Stage at the Glen Campbell Museum in downtown Nashville. 

His adoring fans clearly felt the same, as I spoke to several of them after the show. Some of the words that were used to describe Howell's performance were, "stunning, amazing, and unbelievable". While it has become more and more common to see an actor transition into music, it has not always dazzeled thier audience. In the case of Howell, his passion, storytelling, and overall performance captivated and ignited a level of excitement in his fans that was beautiful and heartwarming to see.

From the moment Howell took the stage, the audience was his. He commanded the room as if he had performed on that stage a million times. If he was nervous at all, no one was the wiser. That stage was such a natural place for him to be and everyone in that room felt the magic of it all. From his stories of getting his start as a "stunt kid" that landed him a small role in E.T. as a child, to his song "Helluva Life" which cleverly captures moments of his multi-decade career, Howell has proven that not only can he connect with fans but he can also add successful singer and songwriter to his growing list of accolades. His talent simply continues to grow and blossom garnering him new fans at every turn. 

As with any job or journey, growth comes with time, passion, patience, perseverance, and a great attitude. I have no doubt that our beloved "Ponyboy" will continue to engage fans all over the world with his musical endeavours as he continues to follow his heart and give words to those that cannot find them. Well done Tommy Howell, well done indeed. 

If you are not yet following Tommy Howell on social media, please check him out at the links below. Be sure to grab a copy of his first 3 releases "Rose Hill", "Whiskey Demon", and "Ponygirl" now available wherever you get your digital music. Sharing is caring and this is the perfect season to share his music with your friends and family too. ~Missy


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