Exclusive Video Premiere: "Shoes Under My Bed" by, Madison Station

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Country Duo, Madison Station, Releases Endearing Video for Current Single “Shoes Under My Bed”   


Emerging Country duo, Madison Station (Craig Anderson and Lance Horton), has released an endearing video for their current single, “Shoes Under My Bed.” The video was produced by Keech Rainwater of Rainwater Films at various locations in and around Nashville and the romantic single was written by songwriters Wil NancePete Sallis, and Riley Weston. “Shoes Under My Bed” recently rose to the top 40 spot on the Billboard Country Indicator Chart and continues to garner airplay.  

“This video opportunity came to me from a drummer friend of mine, who is also a video production professional. The treatment to create multiple diverse couples in different stages of life was the perfect fit for this video. We really lucked out and found some wonderful and beautiful couples and spent several days capturing magic from the amazing love they shared. Craig and Lance were so cool to work with and despite the summer heat and crazy shooting schedule, they were true pros! I really love the song as it has such a great romantic vibe and was a pleasure to create scenes that move people and make them smile.” shared producer - Keech Rainwater.

“When you are so in love, you want that person to be a part of your life in every way possible, and this song describes that feeling,” says member Anderson. “I heard the demo several years ago with just vocals and piano and had always planned to cut it. It’s just a great song that we fully believe in, and we hope to convey that emotion clearly through the lyrics.” 


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About Madison Station:  

Sometimes musicians get lucky and achieve overnight success, other times it takes years of hard work and dedication to reach that level. Even though rising country duo Madison Station hasn’t achieved that prolific status just yet, that doesn’t mean it isn’t in their future. With their distinct country sound, the endless dedication to their craft of songwriting, their undeniable chemistry on stage, and the history of their experience in the music business, they are well on their way to doing so. With lead vocalist Lance Horton alongside guitarist/background vocalist Craig Anderson who makes up Madison Station, this new country duo is paving their way to a prosperous career.

Even though they had their own music path that led them to where they are now, they were both involved in music for most of their life. One may recognize Craig Anderson by his extensive history in the music business, but he is now bringing his deeply-rooted love for performing to Madison Station. This Madison, AL native co-founded the highly successful country group Heartland. After a dozen years of playing endless shows, the group shot to success in 2006 with their No. 1 hit single, I Loved Her First. “My brother Todd and I loved playing music when we were younger, but it wasn’t until my late teens when I got serious about this,” remembers Anderson. One of his grandfathers performed regularly on the historic WSM-AM back in the day and his other grandfather was a music minister at church who really got him into playing. “He played guitar and later built and played fiddles. I’ve got a fiddle of his and a classical guitar he got in the Navy while stationed in Hawaii in 1946.” Even though Anderson won numerous industry awards with Heartland and has a permanent exhibit at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, he’s quick to say he stays grounded and spends as much time as he can with his kids. “I basically play music and run around with my kids. They keep me pretty booked with all of their activities.”

Frontman Lance Horton grew up in Collinwood, TN in a very conservative Christian home with two loving and hard-working parents, alongside an older sister. “My dad sang in a Southern Gospel Quartet for over 30 years,” he recalls. “I spent many weekends traveling around with them.” Growing up as an athlete playing football, basketball, and baseball, his love of sports continued, which led him to be a football coach for both middle and high school levels for several years. A music career wasn’t necessarily in his plans, and it wasn’t until one of his friends invited him on the Legend’s Corner stage in Nashville to perform that he knew that was his calling. “I’m completely hooked. This was the confidence I needed to start my music career. The exhilaration of feeling a connection with your audience is simply indescribable.”

To listen to this noteworthy duo is to listen to a culmination of music that has been a lifetime in the making. What brings these two together is their love of music, life, and passion to create the best that represents them and captures memorable moments of the here and now. It seems as if fate brought the two together at just the right moment and the music followed naturally. The duo draws influence from a number of artists and styles and it can be heard in their songs. “We are inspired by artists such as Alabama, Elvis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Motley Crue, and Van Halen,” says Anderson. “We like a lot of 90’s Country, 80’s Rock, and Motown. I’ve been on quite a Mozart kick here lately as well. I like it all!”

Anderson’s motto sums it up nicely. “When opportunity knocks, kick open the door and grab it by the throat.” The duo is doing just that. With their contemporary country sound that blends the 90’s throwback twist, their fine-tuned lyrics, compelling vocals, and harmonies that complement one another and their effective energy make up what a true duo is all about. You are sure to find something you love in Madison Station and this is definitely just the beginning for this dynamic duo.


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