Press Release: Prince Ivan Releases First Full-length Album 'The Preface'

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Prince Ivan Releases “The Preface”

From a Trio to a Duo to Almost Quitting, Prince Ivan Overcomes to Release First LP


December 13, 2019, Branson, MO—After an almost two-year process, Prince Ivan today released their first full-length album, “The Preface.” The last two years have seen the group go from being a trio to being a duo, seeking a record deal and not getting one, almost quitting altogether and ultimately overcoming, renewing their vision and producing a 16-track album that is a tour de force demonstration of their refreshed musical concept.


“We feel like this is a really strong debut album,” says Prince Ivan member, Brydon Brett. “The process to get here took us through the fire, so to speak, but it ultimately made us better as people and artists and the music definitely reflects our growth.” 


The Midwest-based duo tapped many collaborators to work on this project—from a Grammy award-winning songwriter who has written hits for Flo Rida, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber to a mixing engineer who has mixed for The Black Eyed Peas, Fifth Harmony, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and Prince. “Our music creation process has definitely evolved,” says the other half of the duo, Aaron Ellsworth. “We co-wrote all of the songs with multiple writers from all over the U.S. Our co-producer is in LA. Our mixing engineer is in LA and our mastering engineer is in New Jersey. We realized we needed to work with other great creators to really bring our vision to life.”


While “The Preface” is an impressive snapshot of where Prince Ivan currently is as artists, writers, and producers, it really is just the beginning for the duo. “We called this album ‘The Preface’ because it is literally the beginning of our journey,” says Brett. “We have many more albums planned that will continue the story we’ve begun in ‘The Preface,’ and we can’t wait to continue creating the world of Prince Ivan for our fans.” The group’s ambition is to help shift the culture in positive ways through music and to help create a world where love, joy and unity rule. The hook-driven bops and inspirational anthems contained in “The Preface” feel like they could do just that. 


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About Prince Ivan

Prince Ivan is a songwriting, production and performing duo consisting of Brydon Brett and Aaron Space. The duo calls their musical output, SpectraPop— a fresh fusion of styles from across the Top 40 spectrum designed to break down cultural and musical boundary lines. From being a trio to being a duo to seeking a record deal and not getting it, and then almost quitting altogether, Prince Ivan has been through the fire over these last two years. Their first full-length album, “The Preface,” marks the completion of that phase of their story and the beginning of a new chapter in the Chronicles of Prince Ivan.



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