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While going about your day, have you ever found yourself amazed by something you did not expect? That was what happen to me during this particular conversation. Prince Ivan members, Aaron, Brydon and Garon, blew me away. Their personalities immediately captivated me. Their responses to questions intrigued me. Their charisma appealed to me. And yes girls...they are all beautiful to gaze at!

Not only are these guys extremely talented, they are funny, kind and smart. They have an amazing philosophy that I immediately had to ask about. It starts with; "We believe music is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and should render a service to humanity..." Combine that with their Mission Statement and you will understand why these guys will absolutely succeed in this brutal industry.

I asked them about their plans for touring as they just posted a concert schedule for 2016 in Branson, MO. The answer I was given made me stop and think. How is it that I never really thought about this before? Listen to our conversation to find out what I mean. I have to admit that this was the point where I threw in my personal request for a Stage-it concert! If you do not ask, you do not know, so...I asked! I am sure many fans will agree that if you were unable to make it to a live show, watching it live online would be great. 

Their debut EP, Once Upon a Night, is available on iTunes and features, "Lean and Sway" and "Stay with Me". I could not wait to ask them about "Stay with Me". The emotions shown in this video made me feel so deeply. I could not escape it. I knew that this had to be based on personal experience. While watching it, I felt this torturous heartbreak that was just gut-wrenching. It was obvious that I was relating this song to my own life. Sometimes hearing what someone else goes through enables you to connect with them. For me, this song is that connection. This is what makes them real people. They have faced real heartbreak just like anyone else. It truly is a beautiful and breathtaking song that makes you feel every lyric. 

Still I was a bit confused. How was it possible that these three young musicians were so business savvy, smart and incredibly mature? That is when I discovered their influences. When they spoke about Earth Wind and Fire along with Stevie Wonder, it was clear. These guys value music, the stories within each song and the joy it brings to the fans. Bravo Boys! My daughters and I are #FansForLife ~Missy


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