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When I first met John Berry I was completely surprised by how much we had in common. Sitting in the dressing room at the Grand Ole Opry, Berry opened up about having to have vocal cord surgery. Though he was initially unaware of my own struggle with that surgery, Berry was the first person I could truly share my journey with. He understood. What he did not know was that our conversation was more meaningful to me than I could have imagined. I suddenly felt like I was no longer alone in the frustration of that life-altering ordeal. Berry listened, shared, and lifted the heavy burden I carried alone for so many years. To say I am grateful for that first interview is an understatement.

Several conversations later, Berry announced to the world that he was facing throat cancer. Though my eyes immediately welled up with tears and my heart sank, Berry chose to share his diagnosis in a positive way. As Berry kept everyone updated on his progress, the music community got together to show Berry how much he is loved and appreciated. On April 23, 2019, The City Winery became home to We All Come Together For John Berry and Music Health Alliance. A benefit show created to help Berry cover uninsured medical expenses as well as help others in the music community facing similar challenges, the benefit raised over $300,000.00. 

While covering the overwhelmingly successful event, we wanted to do something special for Berry. Rather than conduct interviews, we asked many of Berry's friends to share beautiful messages of hope, love, encouragement, and appreciation. To hear these heartfelt messages, please watch the video. You may want to have some tissues handy. 

With a tremendous amount of support, love, and prayer, Berry has finished his cancer treatments and is ready to hit the road to play for his fans. Be sure to head over to his website now for his full schedule. You do not want to miss out on a show. ~Missy





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John Berry Tour Dates

07/21/2024 : Songs & Stories with John Berr: Ann Arbor, MI
07/24/2024 : Songs & Stories with John Berr: Annapolis, MD
07/27/2024 : Songs & Stories with John Berr: Danbury, NC
07/28/2024 : Songs & Stories with John Berr: Clintwood, VA
08/02/2024 : An Evening with John Berry: Franklin, TN
08/03/2024 : Songs & Stories with John Berr: Decatur, AL
08/10/2024 : John Berry at Keepin’ it Count: Waynesville, OH
08/17/2024 : An Evening with John Berry: Weirsdale, FL
09/06/2024 : 2024 McLeansboro Fall Festival: Mcleansboro, IL
09/11/2024 : Country Music Spectacular star: Monroe, MI
09/12/2024 : The Monroe County Fraternal Or: Adrian, MI
09/13/2024 : The Traverse City Fire Fighter: Traverse City, MI
09/14/2024 : COUNTRY MUSIC AT ITS BEST!!! S: Muskegon, MI
11/29/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Sugar Hill, GA
11/30/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: High Point, NC
12/04/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Aiken, SC
12/06/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Henderson, TN
12/07/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Greens Fork, IN
12/08/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" T: Jeffersonville, IN
12/10/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Oshkosh, WI
12/14/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Hastings, MI
12/15/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Fremont, MI
12/16/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Chillicothe, OH
12/18/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Cedartown, GA
12/19/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Athens, GA
12/20/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Cowan, TN
12/21/2024 : "Christmas with John Berry" Th: Macon, GA

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