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One of my first interviews at the Country Radio Seminar was with the lovely sister trio Southern Halo. Sitting in their hotel suite at the Omni in Nashville to talk about their music was an amazing experience. Between the city lights behind us and the girls' stellar acoustic performance, it was the perfect way to get to know these young female artists.

Since that first appearance at CRS for both me and Southern Halo, we have formed a bond that I will forever cherish. Natalia Morris, Christina Morris, and Hannah Morris are incredibly talented and have personalities that attract the attention of fans everywhere they go. Closer than most sisters I know, these girls continue to prove that with hard work and determination, they can accomplish anything. Watching them achieve these milestones in their career is one of the perks of being their media mom.

As we all got together at this year's event, we took time to chat both on and off camera about their new music, shared some laughs, talked about plans for some overdue shenanigans, and even tried to settle a long-running dispute between me and my husband Tommy aka "The Camera Guy". In other words, we had a blast reconnecting with the girls. Watch the full video now to join in on our fun.

Now that CRS50 is over, Spring is here, and Summer will soon be on its way, the girls are gearing up to release a brand new single that will be available for pre-order on April 12 appropriately titled "Sunshine". Timing is everything and I firmly believe we are all ready for a Summer fun song. 

If you are not yet following these exceptionally talented sisters, please do so now. Be sure to give their pages a "like" and "follow", and remember to share them with your friends. Do not forget to head over to their website to keep up with all their latest news, updates, and show information. If you get the chance to see these girls perform live on stage, trust me, you do not want to miss out. Your jaw will be on the floor after watching them deliver their high energy and mesmerizing performance. ~Missy


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