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During this year's Country Radio Seminar, I realized that one of my favorite people to speak with was not on my schedule of interviews. If you know me, you know that there are certain things that cannot happen. Not having Shane Owens on my schedule was definitely one of those "cannot happen" moments. Luckily, Owens agreed and we were able to rectify the situation.

Not only is Owens one of the nicest and most approachable country artists, but he also has a great sense of humor and the ability to make everyone smile. Watching him perform live during CRS in his hotel suite along with his pal J.D. Shelburne was a thrill for everyone who attended. We all sang, laughed, and had an amazing time.

As we sat for our conversation, I could not help but smile. Owens is one of my chosen country brothers, so as soon as we sat down together, we just picked up right where we had left off. Owens was happy to speak about his new EP "It's A Southern Thing" which was produced by his dear friend and country legend Randy Travis. We spoke about his reasons for remaining a traditional country music singer, why he chose that path, and so much more.

Please watch our full conversation now to get to know this artist a bit more. Then make sure you grab a copy of his latest EP and play it on repeat. You are going to love his flawless vocals that are delivered in such an emotional way that you are immediately transported into the story within the song. Though the entire EP is fantastic, my personal favorites are "Lie" and "Love To Try Them On". Remember to share his pages with your friends and especially those who love some good traditional country music. Do not forget to head over to his website for all the latest news, updates, and show information. Trust me, this is one artist you will regret not getting to know. ~Missy


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