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There is a lot to be said about doing an album review. The first thing that went through my mind when I was given the opportunity to review George Strait's new album Honky Tonk Time Machine was not wanting to let him down. Knowing that the King Of Country is loved by all his fans for his amazing vocals, superior songwriting, flawless delivery, and charming personality, I had zero doubt that the new album would be great. My only worry was giving this album the justification it so deserves. Here it goes.

Track 1: "Every Little Honky Tonk Bar"- A traditionally fun, upbeat, and catchy tune that brings back the good time songs we miss from the '90s with a bit of Alan Jackson style thrown in.  This song is sure to please fans looking for a feel-good summer party tune.

Track 2: "Two More Wishes"- While this track is a bit slower, it has equally catchy lyrics that would be the perfect combination for dancing under the lights and sipping on a margarita.

Track 3: "Some Nights"- This song is real country music storytelling at its finest. This song showcases honest emotion delivered in the rich, smooth tones that hit us at our core. This song is definitely worthy of a repeat.

Track 4: "God And Country Music"- Truth in music is what you will find in this beautifully written song. The vocals are purely soothing and undeniably soulful. Heartfelt lyrics with the background vocals of what sounds like angels make you feel as though you are in a church being saved.  This track pours emotion into your heart and soul while bringing tears to your eyes. Simply a breathtaking track.

Track 5: "Blue Water"- A bit laid back, this feel-good song is a great summer tune that makes you want to sit in a chair on the shore watching the waves crash down while holding the hand of the one you love. This track needs to be added to every summer party playlist.

Track 6: "Sometimes Love"- The truth about a love not meant to be is captured beautifully in these emotional and all too often relatable lyrics. 

Track 7: "Código"- Kicking it back up a notch, this tune has an amusement park feel with the addition of the accordion to the already fun lyrics that you simply cannot help get stuck in your head. This song is definitely enticing and I imagine people are going to want to jump on the Código train.

Track 8: "Old Violin"- Capturing Strait at his storytelling best, his voice unaged with time, it is like listening to him speak directly to you sharing his life's memories. Beautifully executed. Vocally, Strait still has the ability to give it all to fans flawlessly.

Track 9: "Take Me Away"- This song for many is simply a relationship goal. Unwavering love that is content right where it is at, this upbeat song is one of my favorites on this album. We should all be lucky enough to have a love like that.

Track 10: "The Weight Of The Badge"- Powerful. Emotional. This song will hit home for many. Strait has the ability to bring the listener to their knees with tears flowing down their face as they live the truth in this song daily. Honest, and real, this track is extremely authentic. It is Country music at its best.

Track 11: "Honky Tonk Time Machine"- No wonder this is the title track. This song sums up the entire album perfectly. Traditional country music is at the heart of most country music loving fans and this song does not disappoint. 

Track 12: "What Goes Up"- Slowing it back down, this track is stunningly beautiful and led by real life and standing in truth. Another favorite, this song is the perfect reminder of what we need to do when life seems to difficult to carry on. Grab some tissues for this one.

Track 13: "Sing One With Willie"- The perfect ending to a spectacular album. I found myself laughing at the pure genius of this track's lyrics. Capturing the extremely boyish and fun personality of Strait, I simply could not contain the laughter as I listened intently to each line. This is the best way to end this album. Having Strait and Wilie Nelson on a song together after all these years is the ultimate prize for fans. I simply cannot get enough of this tune.

To try and do this album justice with words does not seem possible for me. For fans that have been craving traditional country, this is the answer. There is no better cure for fans than to hear the King Of Country music, Strait himself delivering impeccable, fresh music that they will surely love. This album encompasses the perfect combination of heartfelt ballads and upbeat tempos featuring stories that are relatable and full of emotion. Honest and real storytelling delivered with the rich tones as only Straight could deliver, this album will leave fans craving more. Honky Tonk Time Machine is pure perfection.

Overall Rating 10/10

If you have not pre-ordered your copy of Honky Tonk Time Machine due out March 29th, I urge you to do it now. Be sure to follow Strait on all social media channels and give his pages a "like" and "share". ~Missy


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