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Many of you may know Jackson Rathbone for his breakout role as Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga (2008-2012) which included 5 movies. As we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the initial release of Twilight, Rathbone has been very vocal about the part this film series has played in his life as well as being open to the franchise expanding the storyline of his character Jasper Hale as part of a prequel to the hit film saga.

Fans of Rathbone have enjoyed his appearances in over 20 motion pictures as well as countless appearances in television shows as a lead, guest star, and recurring roles. Some of these performances over the past several years include appearances on shows such as The O.C., Criminal Minds, Finding Carter, and The Last Ship.

As fans continue to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Twilight, Rathbone has given fans more reasons to celebrate. As I sat down for a conversation with Rathbone over the phone, he shared his latest film and music projects with me, along with some fun moments including a bet that resulted in a unique but fitting punishment, and more.

Rathbone very recently released his newest EP American Spirit Blues which includes 6 breathtaking and thought-provoking songs. Each of these songs, beautiful in their own right, have an incredible ability to make you feel and fill your eyes with tears as you relate to the lyrics and cannot help but succumb to the mood of the authentic instrumentation. Needless to say, I am completely obsessed with the music and vocals captured on this remarkably executed album.  Rathbone and I began talking about one of the songs off this album titled “Heavy Road” and how it was originally going to sound, how they decided to change it, and why.

Rathbone’s background in music has helped him as he plays the part of a songwriter named Doc in his latest film Heart, Baby!. This new film is being released in select theaters this month and will also be released on VOD (video on demand). Based on a true story about best friends George Martin and Doc and the bond they share, Rathbone plays the part of Doc who happens to be a songwriter. As Rathbone explains his part in the film, he also shared a few fun moments with me about meeting the “real” Doc prior to filming and what it was like being able to work with him. As Rathbone explained the story this film is based on, I could hear the genuine excitement he has for fans to discover the story for themselves. That excitement alone made me want to see this movie even more.

As we continued our conversation, we spoke about finding the balance between his successful career as a writer, producer, director, actor, and musician, and remaining a present husband, father, brother, and son to his family.

Nearing the end of our conversation, Rathbone shared a moment with me and fans that I know I will not soon forget. As he introduced his sweet daughter Presley Bowie to us, it was love at the first monster sound. Being able to share in a real moment with Rathbone as a loving father made me feel like a friend, not a journalist. For that, I am extra grateful this Thanksgiving. ~Missy

Please listen to our full conversation now and get ready to fall in love with this artist all over again. For more on Rathbone, please check out the links below. Be sure to grab a copy of American Spirit Blues today. Please do not forget to check out Heart, Baby! on VOD and in select theaters soon and stay tuned for Rathbone's upcoming film Dreaming Grand Avenue


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