British rockers The Struts have released the long-awaited follow up to their 2016 debut

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British rockers The Struts have released the long-awaited follow up to their 2016 debut Everybody Wants; Young & Dangerous hit the shelves October 26th, 2018 and is well worth the two-year wait.


The band gave listeners a great tease to Young & Dangerous by releasing a handful of singles prior to the album’s release date, as well as playing “Somebody New” and “Ashes (Part 2)” live, in concert, before they were available for download. Opening the record are two incredibly strong tracks “Body Talks” and “Primadonna Like Me” which have collectively earned nearly one million views on YouTube since their music videos have been released. The Struts have mastered the pop-rock, sing along formula as they moved forward into “In Love With the Camera”, yet another undeniably catchy track that showcases Luke Spiller’s voice.

Throughout the entirety of Young & Dangerous, The Struts hone in on their charisma and their talents which is likely what makes them be considered one of the next great rock and roll bands of this generation. It is a thoughtful approach and surely an appropriate follow up to Everybody Wants, this time with a little more glitz and glamour that will also tie into creating an extravagant live performance.

The Struts is a band that has yet to necessarily ‘evolve’- and that’s a good thing. The band has shown massive growth, but is still delivering a product that, simply put, sounds like an amped up, 2.0, version of what they’ve always been doing. “Fire (Part 1)” is a power ballad that can’t be touched by the majority of its competition. Lyrically and musically, The Struts are ahead of the game and are certainly leaders in the rock genre. Every track showcases the band’s collective talents; although each member is a star in their own right, The Struts are at their best when there is a solid contribution from each member put towards the bigger picture.

 Young & Dangerous is a sequined rock outfit laced with love, lust and a tinge of heartache that collectively makes it one of the best rock albums to hit the shelves this year.


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