The Struts bring 'Body Talks' to Druid City Music Hall

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The Struts lit up Tuscaloosa, Alabama by bringing the ‘Body Talks Tour’ to Druid City Music Hall on Sunday (October 21st). Hailing from Derbyshire, England, The Struts are preparing for their newest album, Young and Dangerous to release on October 26th by touring throughout the United States to promote their latest singles "Body Talks" and "Primadonna Like Me".

After Spirit Animal (Brooklyn, NY) and White Reaper (Louisville, KY) warmed up the crowd, The Struts opened their electric set with the two singles mentioned above. Having been familiar with the band for years but not having seen them live until Sunday evening, it can be confirmed that they are indeed worth all the hype they’ve been given. Frontman Luke Spiller is everything a frontman should be- high energy, interactive and he especially has a sense of flamboyance that is severely lacking in the majority of bands today. Looking at Spiller, I saw bits and pieces of Freddie Mercury, David Lee Roth, Paul Stanley; some of the most noteworthy and memorable frontmen in rock and roll history. While it’s obvious that he pulls a great deal of influence from his predecessors, he still has a sense of originality and uniqueness that ties it all together to create the total package. That being said, The Struts runs like a well-oiled machine, and the remainder of the band is just as tight and on the ball. Although Spiller’s over-the-top stage presence can dominate the stage, adequate time is given to Jed Elliot (bass), Adam Slack (guitar) and Gethin Davies (drums) to showcase their abilities as well, and allow them to have their moment to be just as over-the-top as their renowned frontman.

Moving along with their set, The Struts perform tracks from their entire catalog including "Dirty Sexy Money", "Put Your Money On Me" and the newer single "Bulletproof Baby". Around mid-set, the band goes into a phenomenal, high energy version of Bruce Springsteen’s "Dancing in the Dark" which then evolves into the band inviting a member of the crowd onstage to sing and dance with them. This adds a very personal touch to the show and really made me admire the band, even more, considering they kept referring to ‘Austin’ even after he had gotten off the stage.

The band closed out the evening with a three-song encore, two of which were brand new tracks off of Young and Dangerous- "Somebody New" and "Ashes (Part 2)" which at this point could only be heard live, in concert as they will not be released until the album comes out. Prior to taking their final bow, The Struts performed "Could Have Been Me", a crowd favorite and popular track from their first studio release.        


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