CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: Lockwood Barr

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Day four of CMA Fest 2018 was a mixture of excitement, hangovers, and sadness. While much of the city was sleeping off a late night full of drinking, partying, and loud music, others were standing in line early for their chance to meet their favorite artist or sit in the front for a special show. For me and many others, we started with an early morning, a cup of coffee, and an agenda.

While I sat in my little booth preparing for the interviews of the day, I wondered how it would go being that it was the last day of a 4-day event packed with late nights, early mornings, and non-stop schedules.

As Lockwood Barr approached our booth for our on-camera conversation, I could feel the joy radiating off her. In awe of her ability to look so refreshed and awake, I have to admit I was a bit jealous. Little did I know, Day 4 for me was day 1 for her. Regardless, her busy schedule did not seem to affect her in the least. 

Ready and excited to chat with her about her new music, we first had to discuss the importance of CMA Fest and the fans it brings. Barr was so grateful and appreciative of the fans who traveled for miles to see her and shared that some fans even brought pictures of the first time they met Barr and congratulated her on her journey thus far. Completely touched by their loyalty, Barr made it a point to show her appreciation for them. 

As we discussed the importance of fans and CMA Fest, Barr reflected on a past even featuring country legend and then-newcomer Garth Brooks. Little did he know that staying up for 24 hours to sign autographs was going to leave a lasting impression on artists following his path. Luckily, Barr saw the importance and value of what Brooks did that day and strives to treat fans the same way. 

Barr continued to excitedly share that she has new music on the way and was very happy to share her video for "High Wears Off" with us for our Center Stage Presents "CMA Fest" show. If you have not had the opportunity to connect with Barr, please head over to her website and social media pages now. 

Barr continues to stay busy with festivals and often finds herself supporting the local artists and business owners of each town she visits in support of local communities and culture. Encouraging others to do the same is a great way to keep local flavors alive and well. Barr also shared that her family has a local business here in town and I could not resist an opportunity to support them. So, if you find yourself near a French's Shoes and Boots, be sure to stop in and tell them Lockwood and Missy sent you!



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