Conversations with Missy: Jerry Castle Revisited

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As an independent artist, having creative control in your work is a huge benefit. Though financially it can be hard, thanks to programs like the well-known Pledge Campaign, artists like Jerry Castle can be successful delivering fans the music they want to hear while allowing those fans intimate access throughout the journey.

With the June 22, 2018 release of Brand New Hello, Castle shared the process of creating this album and explained where his inspiration for it came from. One of the things I love most about Castle is his ability to be completely open and honest. We shared some laughs during our conversation as we talked about internet trolls that cannot keep from posting negative comments and our reactions to them. It is very refreshing knowing you are not alone in life. 

There is so much to Castle that has always fascinated me, so I wanted to know if there was anything he was really good at that fans would be surprised to find out. I really did not see his answer coming, but I am so happy I asked. Watch our full conversation now to discover what his secret talent is.

Having an ear for talent, Castle has also found himself managing a new band after hearing the level of talent they possessed. Castle is working with the group Folk Soul Revival and was so excited to share them with Center Stage Magazine. This is part of what makes the music community and artists such as Castle so special. Lifting others up and helping to push them to success is one of the best qualities an artist can have. Castle is definitely an artist that sets an example for others to follow. 

If you have not yet started following Castle on social media, please do so now and ask your friends to join you. Remember to head over to his website for more exciting information, news, and show dates. ~Missy


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