Somewhere On A Beach with Laura: The Davisson Brothers Band

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I can honestly say this interview is one I will never forget.  There are times you take a risk and try to find unique ways to interview artists.  This time, was my favorite by far.  Let me start by saying that all three members of The Davisson Brothers Band are great sports and we all had a lot of laughs while we talked about their career to this point and what keeps it going.  There are actually four members that make up the group, Donnie Davisson, Chris Davisson and long-time friends, Aaron Regester and Russell Reppert.  For this interview, we were joined by Donnie, Chris, and Russell.   

During Carolina Country Music Fest (CCMF), Campers Inn had rolled in a “super bus” that is bigger than some houses I have lived in, and why not use every available space, right?  So, that is what we did. This interview is brought to you from the master bathroom of a yacht of RV. Yet, let us be real here, I just asked the brothers to do an interview in the bathroom complete with dual sinks, shower, toilet and walk-in closets. Their reaction to my request? “Let’s do it!”

While there were a lot of laughs and goofiness, as you can see in the video, we had a lot of conversation about their fifteen years in this business and why it still means as much to them now as it did a decade ago. Their answers are simple.  They are blessed. They sing what they live and live what they sing.  It really is that simple.  The guys all hail from wild, wonderful West Virginia and they are proud of their heritage and their roots. 

Make sure you check The Davisson Brothers Band out at a venue near you as they are touring everywhere this summer.  Also, head on over to iTunes and grab your copy of their newest album, Po Boyz and do not forget to follow them on all social media platforms.

Guys, it was great hanging out with ya'll at CCMF and thanks for making it an interview to remember!  We will see you soon in Sturgis!




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The Davisson Brothers Band Tour Dates

08/08/2024 : Mannington District Fair: Mannington, WV
08/16/2024 : Out of the Woods Tour: Lewisburg, WV
08/31/2024 : Bergoo Bash: Webster Springs, WV
09/07/2024 : Loyal Order of Moose: Beckley, WV
09/28/2024 : Weldon Mills Theatre: Roanoke Rapids, NC
10/04/2024 : Field & Stream Festival 2024: Winnsboro, SC

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