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Muscadine Bloodline, a duo group, consisting of Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster, are (as their bio states in its' first sentence) Unapologetically Alabama.  They are straight out of the gate telling you who they are and they make no bones about that.  Charlie's vocals and Chris' harmonies are, to say the least, amazingly coordinated.  When we discussed this, Chris said, "Charlie makes it easy".  

 There is something immediately unique about these two, separately and as a duo.  There are no mixed messages here.  The lyrics in their songs, such as "Shut Your Mouth" and "Porch Swing Angel" are direct and in your face to the point.  Same as sitting and talking with these guys.  Watch our conversation as we discuss the music and their friendship.

Additionally, I would be remised not to note that while they were on stage, which happened to be right next to the RV we were conducting interviews in, the artists in the RV all stopped when they started playing "Porch Swing Angel" and took note saying "Oh, that's Muscadine Bloodline" and "That's 'Porch Swing Angel' I love that song."  Being noticed and admired by your peers, from those in the business for over 15 plus years to those with debut albums out, is an honor that can not be explained.  These two receive this with humility that is truly unique in this business at times.

Make sure you get your hands on the latest music as well as the previously released singles.  Keep up with these guys as I think this is just the beginning for them and you do not want to miss a thing.

Chris and Charlie, thank you both for hanging out with us during CCMF! I am a huge fan and look forward to watching ya'll continue to achieve more and more as this journey has just begun! I look forward to catching up again soon!


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Muscadine Bloodline Tour Dates

07/26/2024 : Jackson County Fairgrounds: Maquoketa, IA
07/27/2024 : The Castle Theatre: Bloomington, IL
08/02/2024 : Windjammer: Isle Of Palms, SC
08/03/2024 : The Windjammer: Isle Of Palms, SC
08/10/2024 : The NorVa: Norfolk, VA
08/11/2024 : State Fair of West Virginia 20: Lewisburg, WV
08/16/2024 : Rams Head Live!: Baltimore, MD
08/17/2024 : The National: Richmond, VA
08/30/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Tulsa, OK
08/31/2024 : Northwest Missouri State Fair: Bethany, MO
09/06/2024 : Tri-State Rodeo 2024: Fort Madison, IA
09/07/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Minneapolis, MN
09/12/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Cibolo, TX
09/13/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Stephenville, TX
09/20/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Cincinnati, OH
09/21/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Columbus, OH
09/27/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Black Mountain, NC
09/28/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Wilmington, NC
10/02/2024 : Ascend Amphitheater: Nashville, TN
10/11/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Grand Rapids, MI
10/12/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Detroit, MI
10/18/2024 : Greenville Country Music Festi: Simpsonville, SC
10/19/2024 : Tampa Pig Jig 2024: Tampa, FL
10/25/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Dallas, TX
10/26/2024 : ON SALE - TBD: Taylor, TX
11/01/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Albuquerque, NM
11/02/2024 : The Coastal Plain Tour: Flagstaff, AZ

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