CRS 2018 with Missy: Travis Rice

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Though our next Country Radio Seminar artist needs little introduction after being declared one of Nashville's "Top 10 Sexiest Men", Travis Rice sits down with us at CRS 2018 to discuss his surprising new title and more.

Rice and I immediately giggled quite a bit as he shared his story. Waking up on January 2, 2018, to a message on his phone that he was one of Nashville's sexiest men at first may have seemed like a joke to the humble artist, however, knowing it was not a hoax was very flattering to Rice. Not letting the new title go to his head, Rice laughed as he shared what his friends thought about the news.

With a completely unclever segue into a conversation about his new single "Sinking Ship", Rice laughed with me due to my extremely poor attempt to make the discussion change course. It was as if for a brief moment, I was the one on a sinking ship. After the laughter subsided, Rice began to explain his journalistic approach to this raw and vulnerable song. Describing what it was like to write about his own experience, Rice claimed that he simply had to "ride the ship down". 

Making this song even more special to the artist, Rice began getting many messages from fans with heartfelt words explaining how meaningful his music is to them. Feeling the strong bond with fans, Rice found himself really understanding the level of importance music has in life. Knowing that as a fan himself, Rice has a better understanding of why music moves people and is honored that he is able to do for them what Bruno Mars has done for him. Those messages from his fans were no doubt validating for Rice.

Rice also shared that during a recent performance at CRS by Branch and Dean, he was warned that a particular song would be stuck in his head along with the rest of the audience. What happened next will have you laughing. Watch our full conversation now to see what I mean. ~Missy


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