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Sitting down with one of the original Song Suffragette's, Kalie Shorr, at CRS 2018 was an immediately fun conversation. Starting with discussing her extremely fun wardrobe, we quickly connected and realized that this interview was going to be quite entertaining.

Before we talked about the release of Awake, I really wanted to talk about her previous single "Fight Like A Girl". This is a common phrase we often hear. Guys that maybe do not hit hard have been told these exact words, kids who simply want to pick on other kids, use those words in a slightly different way but usually end with " a girl". It was important for me to bring her concept for this song some new life. 

We continued our conversation with discussing her new single "Two Hands". Shorr explained that this was the first "Love" song she has written, and decided to put a new spin on what we typically hear. Watch our full conversation now to gain a better understanding of the thoughts behind birthing this song.

As we moved on to talk about her connection to the Song Suffragettes, I could not help but bring up fellow Suffragette Lacy Cavalier. The talent within this group of female performers is simply outstanding. Each artist equally talented and uniquely different. Though Shorr admits that she is not as involved as she was initially, she performs with the Song Suffragettes each chance she has. The relationships she has been able to form with these magnificent women musicians have proven to be one of the keys to the success that Shorr has in her music career. 

I could have sat with Shorr forever just talking about life. She was fun, vibrant, and even told me a bit of a shocking story that I did not see coming at all. Trust me, just watch the full video. You are simply going to fall in love with Shorr if you have not already. Be sure to follow her on social media and remember to check out her website for all the latest news and updates. ~Missy


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