The Greatest Showman Gives New Life To Musicals

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In a world full of negativity, it is refreshing to step out and find, even if for a brief moment, a wonderful world of color, hope, dreams, and triumph. The creators of the film The Greatest Showman have ignited a fire within the hearts of many. With the assistance of some of the most talented names in the industry, this film was brought to life in an extraordinary way. 

In an effort to keep from spoiling the full story, I will not share the full details. However, from the first scene, the audience is captivated with a rhythm that will continue throughout the final credits.  The overall theme of the movie is that anything is possible. The film begins with a quick glimpse of what will take place later in the story and manages to connect the viewers to the characters immediately, creating the desire to root for the underdog.

I myself felt protective of the young P.T. Barnum played by Ellis Rubin. From the start, Rubin brought magic to the screen with his bright eyes, beautiful voice, and the pure love carried in his heart for life regardless of the challenges that often come with it. His unwavering loyalty to the young Charity Barnum played by Skylar Dunn was special and brilliantly played out on screen. The innocence they displayed brought back those childhood memories of wanting to find your prince/princess for your very own fairytale. 

Cleverly showing the relationship of the young P.T. Barnum and Charity blossoming into maturity, the film continued to create more enchantment for viewers as Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams lit up the screen with passion and whimsical dancing as if they could literally walk on air. They are flawless together and made the audience believe that their love is one that could never break, raising the bar in our own personal life while softening our hearts to make us appreciate all that we have instead of focusing on what we do not. The magic they were able to create with what little they had, left a lasting impression on nearly everyone who has seen the film. 

As the film continues to progress with entertaining comedy mixed with impressive schemes to beat the odds, Jackman's character meets uptown, rich boy, Phillip Carlyle played by Zac Efron and the two at first do not seem to be on the same page. Then we are delighted with unexpected and powerful vocals as the two form an understanding that catapults the film into much deeper emotions and heavier storyline.  

As Efron's character is then guided by Jackman, Efron seems to lose all focus as he encounters the exquisite Anne Wheeler played by the stunningly beautiful Zendaya. The on-screen chemistry between these two left many of us with a feeling that we have not seen in quite some time. Efron has the amazing ability to deliver real emotion that can move you to tears, make you laugh and make girls everywhere swoon. When combined with the remarkable talent that Zendaya brings to the film, it is hard to believe that these two are acting. Their performance together throughout the film is moving and honestly, I did not want it to end. 

Loren Allred of NBC's The Voice (season 3) lends her voice to the character Jenny Lind played by Rebecca Ferguson. In a glamorous and spellbinding way, Ferguson brings the drama of the film to a new level creating anticipation of what is coming next. Her beauty and poise leave fans wanting to see more of her, though it is her on-stage performance that entrances nearly everyone, leaving many who were watching in tears. This part of the film left chills down my spine. 

Continuing with the chilling scenes was Lettie Lutz played by Keala Settle. Delivering a performance that has inspired many to be themselves and to break free of the ties that bind them mostly held by society. Lutz showed us all that we need to be ourselves and that no matter who that is, it is enough and we are worthy. 

The rest of the cast executed their supporting roles in a fantastic way. The choreography, story, lyrics of every song, passion, fire, desire to thrive beyond the expected, and the undeniable chemistry between cast and crew made this film take on a life all its own. This is by far one of the greatest and most family-friendly films of our time.  I gladly rate this film 10 out of 10. It is superb in every way. Now, if you have not yet seen it, go. If you have seen it, go again. ~Missy


Here is what audiences are saying about this film.

"It stimulates anyone with a dream. It reminds us that our differences should unite us more than they divide us. Dreams are tangible if you have the passion to make them a reality." -Luke C., Nashville

"The movie gave me so much hope. It showed me that it's never too late to make something of your life and live your dream. The movie means so much to me. It's started so many conversations with me and my family about perseverance, hope and living out your dreams no matter what people say about you." -Brooke P., California

"It brought my childhood love for musicals, and Zac Efron, to my adulthood. It made me feel like a kid again and gave me chill bumps the whole time. The fact that it shows that all different types of people are important and special made me love it even more. I went and saw it with my mom and 2 sisters, and we were all able to enjoy it together. We bought the soundtrack right after seeing it and we will sing the songs in our house. Definitely a 10/10 movie. Every single actor held my attention the whole hour and 45 minutes and I will be going to see it multiple more times in theaters." -Blain J., Texas




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