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As most of you know by now, when I find an artist that is similar to me, things can get a bit crazy during an interview. After discovering how much I have in common with one of New York's most talented country artists, Jessica Lynn, I knew immediately that we were going to have a great time during our Skype conversation.

Not wasting any time, I eagerly sent Lynn the cheesiest message that I was looking forward to our conversation, all while hoping that she would, in fact, understand my excitement. Lynn exceeded my expectations and immediately got on board with my insanity. As we prepped for our conversation, Lynn and I shared some fun secrets that kept us laughing throughout the conversation. Our conversation simply could not have been any more fun. This talented artist is definitely one that I consider a "Fast friend for life".

While watching Lynn's video for "Crazy Idea", I could not help but notice that some of the scenes had to be filmed on a cell phone. To my surprise, the entire video was shot on cell phones while in Europe as she wanted to create a "Tour-diary vide". Her vision was a success. The video for "Crazy Idea" was executed well and brought life to the already fun, upbeat song.

As Lynn described her latest EP Look At Me That Way, she shared a sentimental story on how she chose the title and explained how the title track came to be. These are the stories that I look forward to. Sometimes we get caught up in the lyrics and what the story is within the song, that we often overlook the many factors that go into creating that song. There is always a story behind the story of a great song.

As we continued our conversation, Lynn shared many of her successes and funny stories with me. One of those meaningful, milestone moments was when she was offered the opportunity to be the face for TASCAM. Watch our full conversation now to discover why this moment was so meaningful to her. I could not help but beam with excitement and share how proud I was of her. Not realizing I almost made her cry, we continued with our conversation without tears and instead shared many laughs. 

Lynn has promised that when she is back in Nashville that we will get together and film a Shenanigans with Missy episode so long as I participate in a skit with her. I imagine we are going to have a great time. Now if I could just witness her rendition of the "Spice Girls" using her band. I am dying to see "Old Spice". If you feel confused, just make sure to watch our conversation. You will thank me for it.

If you are not following Lynn on social media yet, please take a moment to go like and share her pages with your friends. She has a busy schedule already and is committed to continuing this journey with her fans. Be sure to visit her website for all the latest news and updates, and do not forget to call your local station and ask them to play "Crazy Idea". As always, stay tuned for more from this amazing artist. ~Missy


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