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Being able to watch an artist grow in their career is something that many loyal fans love. As someone who gets to connect to these artists on a personal level, it thrills me even more. As someone reaches the next step in their music career, I cannot help but cheer them on as I know this industry is often challenging. For independent artists, these challenges seem to occur more often as they do not have a major label supporting them. Austin Shaw is an independent artist who is taking each step as it comes, facing any challenges head on.

 As you may recall, I first spoke with Shaw before his performance at the City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee. At the time, his EP Felt had just been released. Reconnecting with Shaw on Skype to talk about the release of his album Felt was a lot of fun. Shaw shared some pretty interesting stories with me including the fiasco of getting chased while trying to film a music video, what it was like to tour the East Coast, and what he is working on now. We even talked about Elvis as I noticed a similarity between the two during our conversation.

Ready to show the viewers what he has been working on, Shaw graced our viewers with a special performance of "Real Slow". I am not going to lie, I reveled in the fact that I received a personal acoustic performance. Being that it was a first time experience for me, I have to say it was pretty outstanding. 

If you have not yet had a chance to get to know Shaw, please do so now.  I  included the latest press release on Shaw as I am so proud of him and all he is doing in his career. Shaw is definitely an artist worth getting to know. Be sure to check out our previous conversation and follow him on social media. Do not forget to pre-order your copy of  Felt today. I know you will enjoy it. ~Missy


Official Press Release:







Good Times Santa Cruz pick for Best Local Musician in 2016


Santa Cruz, CA, based Austin Shaw garners a spot as one of Noise Trade’s New & Notable artist on the cusp of the release of his full-length debut album FELT, due out on September 15. The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes.



The ambitious album is filled with melodic navigations through the darkness of heartbreak and the light of love. Showcasing a modern, yet timeworn songwriting approach and rustic yet soothing voice” – California Rocker


Earlier this year Shaw released this EP comprised of selections from his forthcoming album Felt. Get a ‘pay-what-you-want’ download of those songs now at


 Santa Cruz-based songwriter, singer, and surfer bares his soul through words and music leaving you feeling positive and hopeful” – Innocent Words Magazine


The full-length album Felt, dives deep into the human spirit, expressing the pain, joy, and complications of life in a way we’ve all felt. Shaw was joined in the studio by Robert L. Smith (Producer/Defy Recordings,) and the album features the talents of guitarist Larry Saltzman (Paul Simon,) drummer Joe Bonadio (Sting,) bassist Malcolm Gold and vocalist Clara Lofaro.


Shaw grew up in a home full of uplifting music. The joy and comfort of folk, pop, and rock songs by artists like James Taylor, Elton John, Neil Diamond and Neil Young fully overtook him as a young boy. Their way with words and music became ingrained in Shaw. He picked up the guitar in his early teens and started writing in a journal.  As he continued to explore his instrument and the writing craft, his words morphed into song lyrics. I’m Music Magazine notes, “his diverse balance of sampling from life’s musical buffet went into molding him into the talented artist that he is today.”


”Many of the songs are autobiographical and some are just from experiences we’ve all had through life. Hopefully, my songs can be a breeze that blows back the curtain and gives one a glimpse into a window in time or an experience in life. It’s all about love, loss, heartbreak, rebirth, and renewal.” explains Shaw.


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