Conversations with Missy: The Fell with Anthony De La Torre and Mike Krompass

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As many of you know, when we find an artist or band that we can connect with, we will do all we can to share them with our viewers. We have made many friendships with our artists and the members of The Fell are no exception.

As soon as we connected on Skype for our interview, I knew immediately that I was going to love Mike Krompass and Anthony De La Torre. Their sense of humor, infectious smiles, quick wit, and hard work ethic are just some of the qualities that stood out to me. De La Torre's vocals and Krompass' guitar shredding skills are simply stellar.

Watching their music video for their debut single "Footprints", I was instantly enthralled. When you throw in the "bad assery" of Billy Sheehan on bass and Randy Cooke on drums, it leaves no doubt that this band is headed for the top and remaining humble every step of the way. 

During our conversation, I learned that we could have filmed our interview in person as they were so close to us. Bummed doesn't even begin to accurately describe my level of disappointment for not realizing, however, being the genuinely kind human beings they are, they invited us to their studio to meet in person. These are the kind of gestures that make them stand out.

As we continued our fun and extremely enlightening conversation, I laughed as De La Torre shared some fun stories about his acting career as well. Though many of you may not realize, De La Torre's first recorded song was "A Duck and a Jaguar Make Silly Friends". Do you know this song? You may recall a popular television show on Nickelodeon called Go Diego Go. I absolutely had to talk about this moment in his career as I thought it might bring joy to not only his fans and myself but his band mates as well.

Through our laughter, we continued to talk about their upcoming tour beginning in September along with new music, filming, acting, and more. Just when I thought this interview could not get any more fun than it already was, I asked De La Torre about his recent part in Pirates of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales. I never expected this story, and still cannot help but laugh.

The Fell is the perfect blend of musicians who are equally talented in their own right. Their chemistry together with their overall goals seem to fit together perfectly which is why they will be one of the best bands to watch from the beginning. Get to know them now. Follow them on social media. Tweet them, send them a message and go grab their new single "Footprints" now. Be sure to watch our full conversation as well. You will not want to miss any of it. ~Missy



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