The Fell: Billy Sheehan, Mike Krompass, Anthony De La Torre and Randy Cooke

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The Fell announce Killswitch tour kicking off in Nashville on September 6, 2017   

Shortly after announcing a new frontman, The Fell has announced their Break Out tour as the Killswitch Tour. Kicking things off in Nashville on September 6 at The Basement East, the band will continue the tour with shows in Rochester, Toronto, Niagra, and more.

The Fell is a new alternative rock band that brings strong vocals, vicious drum beats, insane guitar riffs, and a powerful and modern sound to the music world. Combining the skills of heavily armed musicians that are loaded with experience, The Fell is on target to be one of the most successful bands of today and should definitely be on your radar as the band to watch in 2018.

About The Fell

Frontman Anthony De La Torre, whose recent appearance in Pirates Of The Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales, has turned the heads of many and captured the attention of fans across the world. His vocal abilities and style, stage presence, personality, and hard work ethic will no doubt help catapult this band straight to the top. From acting to singing, De La Torre proves that with the right amount of hard work and preparation, he has what it takes to deliver what fans want, great music with the right amount of emotion to move you.

Billy Sheehan on Bass needs little if no introduction. From his time with David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, and the Winery Dogs, Sheehan has shown the world his legendary skills. This musician eats, sleeps, and breathes the bass guitar. Never slowing down, Sheehan has mastered the bass with techniques few can pull off or replicate.

Mike Krompass lends heavy and powerful riffs to the band, along with his creativity and skill for producing music. His knowledge and ear for a unique sound have helped shape the direction the band has headed for. His determination to maintain the needs of his bandmates while working with their busy schedules may seem like a difficult task to some, however, Krompass realized the importance of making sure those needs are met.

Randy Cooke is simply a wizard on the drums. Dropping fantastic beats on each of the tracks, Cooke offers a lively addition to the already heavily charged and powerful band, rounding out the unique and immensely talented group of musicians that make up The Fell.

For more on The Fell, be sure to check out their website and stay tuned for more music news and show dates to be added. Follow them on social media and grab their latest single "Footprints" available on iTunes. ~Missy





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