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CMA Fest is the one Country Music Festival that most Independent Country Artist's dream of performing at. Whether it is playing at a local bar, signing autographs, or playing the on one of the small stages or the main stage, the excitement of being a part of the countries largest music festival is unmatched. Aaron Daniel and his band are now forging the way for others to follow in their hometown. 

While many will agree that country music has the best fans and most approachable artists with practically no competition between them, the same cannot always be said for local country artists playing gigs in small towns. Daniel and his band mates Jon Puckett, Cory Williams, and Paul Smock want to eliminate the cut-throat stigma that plagues many small towns. As a band that wants others to succeed as well, these guys are showing up at gigs to support other artists and hope that others will follow their lead to eliminate the fierce competition among independent artists.

 As you will see during our interview, Aaron fashioned himself with a Jake Arch t-shirt for all to see. You may recall that Arch is one of the independent artists that also performed the Heart Songs Corporation and Center Stage Magazine Independent Artist Showcase at Alley Taps in the iconic Printers Alley during CMA Fest 2017. Daniels commitment to support other artists is encouraging to see and speaks volumes to his and his bandmates character.

Having a solid group of musicians behind him with great personalities and positive attitudes combined with strong work ethics is what will keep this hot country band around for decades to come. This is just the beginning for these guys and the sky is the limit as their talent is through the roof. Follow them on social media now and be sure to send them a shout out.  I know they want to hear from you. Until next time, be positive and do something to spark change in your home town. ~Missy


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