Conversations with Missy: Matt Rogers CMA Fest 2017

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On day two of CMA Fest 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to meet one of the coolest artists in country music, Matt Rogers. I knew immediately that we were going to have a great conversation. Rogers is not only a fantastic artist, he is a lot of fun and really seems to enjoy being a part of the music industry.

As we sat together behind the scenes of CMA Fest at the Music City Center, we talked about the magic of it all. From the kids meeting their heroes and collecting signatures, to the moment you witness a child light up as if they now know they want to be a singer/songwriter, to the fan connections and artists reuniting with other artists and friends/fans, we covered everything that makes this music festival so incredibly special. 

Having a booth at Fan Fair X, Rogers explained that he had a map on display for fans to mark where they are from. Much to his surprise, he had fans from Washington State, Oregon, California, New Jersey and on. I cannot imagine what the feeling of realizing you have fans that traveled long distances is like. No wonder Rogers was in such a fantastic mood. I would be on cloud 9.

As with many artists that were there for this festival, Rogers had just released a new EP titled Richest Place On Earth. What stands out to me about this release is the bonus tracks. Yes, the songs are great and the titles are fun, but getting two extra songs by purchasing the hard copy of this EP is just amazing. As someone that loves music, these are the things I look forward to the most. The treats. Of course, the talent has to be there too, but do not worry because Rogers has a gift that is sure to please the music lover in you.

Please go follow Rogers on social media now and be sure to order a hard copy of his EP featuring the single "Forgettin' You Was Fun". I know that you are going to enjoy everything that Rogers brings to the table. For now, enjoy watching our full conversation and share this with your friends. ~Missy


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