Conversations with Missy: Mandy McMillan CMA Fest 2017

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I cannot express enough how much I enjoy speaking to positive and happy people. Mandy McMillan is definitely one that is full of gratitude, appreciation, and genuine positivity. 

While sitting with McMillan behind the scenes at CMA Fest 2017, it was easy to see why she has thousands of fans and is gaining more everywhere she goes. Her personality and ability to connect with fans make her an artist that many will continue to want to hear more from. Remaining "real" is key. The ability to be real is something that we discussed as we shared stories about other artists here in Nashville. 

From "pop-up" shows, to watching a Titans game in the bar amongst artists such as Brett Eldridge, Chris Young, and Dan and Shay, to grocery shopping while happening to "bump" into Tim Mcgraw and seeing Faith Hill bounce from aisle to aisle, McMillan smiled as she shared these memorable moments of living in Nashville. We both agree that it is definitely easier for an artist in Nashville to live a more real life than most other famed celebrities. 

As we continued our conversation filled with the excitement of being at CMA Fest, I wanted to know more about McMillian and what she has coming up. Her latest single "Nothing To Do" just dropped and you could see the level of delight in her eyes as she spoke about it. The undeniable joy she showcased while explaining that she was on a record with Joe Diffie was thrilling. I was elated for her. I am not even the one who gets to share that honor, but after Diffie smiled and waved at me as he walked through the media room the day before, I can only imagine what it must be like for her to be on the same album. That is definitely a "Did that just happen?" moment.

For more on McMillan, please follow her on social media and stay up to date with all the latest news and show dates. If you have not yet grabbed her upbeat summer tune "Nothing To Do", then go grab it along with the album Summer On Repeat. There are so many wonderful artists and songs compiled together on this one album that you are sure to enjoy it. Make sure you roll the windows down and crank up the volume. ~Missy



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08/02/2024 : Pigeon Lake Music Festival 202: Mulhurst, AB

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