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Kicking off the New Era Tour at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California, Farewell, My Love gave fans a stellar and free concert experience. With a line of fans waiting to get in to see them perform, I could not help but feel the excitement. 

Scanning the crowd, I noticed that everyone was amped up and ready for a good time. From colored hair to Halloween accessories, each fan was dressed perfectly to compliment their unique and individual style and together they all looked amazing. 

As Kristin and I prepared to film our on-camera interview with Chad Kowal and Robby Creasey, we were greeted with hugs and smiles. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to connect with an artist on a personal level. There is no doubt in my mind that this band is going to continue to gain many adoring fans. They simply appreciate their fans and treat them with respect and gratitude.

After deciding it would be best to do our interview in the green room, we realized that there was just not enough light. At that point I knew that the best light was in the hall entry to the green room, Kowal immediately took charge to make sure that our interview would not get interrupted. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. He simply made my job a breeze. Being the lucky girl I am, I stood in between Kowal and Creasey as we discussed their opening night and their plans while in California. Part of me was expecting that cheesy and famous line "We're going to Disneyland", but instead they kept it very real. After their few short days off, they will be headed back home to play a show in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kowal explained that this is their first time on tour in over a year, so the excitement levels were high for many reasons. Getting to play for their fans and offer them a free show because they were "inconvenienced" due to a schedule conflict, speaks volumes on the band's character. I already knew that I loved this group of guys, but hearing them explain how much they appreciate their fans solidified it.

After our interview, I had to check out the merchandise table. As luck would have it, they were selling some incredible items at fantastic prices. I may have gotten a little giddy when I saw the beanie, and no I am not ashamed. From the autographed CD's to the awesome beanie and gorgeous necklace, I must admit I wanted it all. I did get myself the beanie as well as a little something for a lucky fan, so stay tuned to Center Stage Magazine for more information on that.

As Farewell, My Love took the stage, their fans immediately went wild. The energy on that stage was infectious. I tried incredibly hard to be still in order to film, but I could not help wanting to jump along and move to their upbeat sound. Kowal takes on another personality while performing and it is addicting. Knowing that I was filming for Facebook Live, Kowal took my phone out of my hands and held it on stage with him for a few. The entire performance was completely enthralling. Watching them all feed off each other and the crowd excited me. I cannot wait to see them live again soon. This is one show I encourage you to all see, so be sure to check out their website for more tour dates.

Please be sure to grab your copy of their latest release Above It All and do not forget to follow them on social media. Send them a shout out and tell them I sent you. ~Missy


Special Thanks to Kristin Cisneros Turner @ KCT Photography for helping us capture some amazing moments. We appreciate your hard work.



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