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Music is a universal language. Each genre speaks to individuals differently, yet moves them in very similar ways. When you encounter a 3-year old child that loves to sing and finds herself recording a video at a mall kiosk, you know you have found a star. Fortunately for D’Lannie Brown, she has had the support of her family since day one, allowing her to become the star she was born to be.

This urban-pop with a little bit of rhythm and blues artist has been doing things her own way for quite some time. Realizing her path early on, led Brown to the decision of pulling out of traditional school at just 13 years old. During our conversation, we spoke about what that decision was like for her at such a young age. Wise beyond her years, Brown has shown that she will succeed when faced with any challenge.

While listening to her song “Ride Wit It” I was reminded of female artist Ariana Grande. My own daughters instantly started dancing along, wanting to hear more. Her single "Don't Know What You Got" is a fun and relateable song that you will find yourself wanting to sing with over and over. These are the songs I call "Repeat Worthy." 

Brown has been working very hard crafting songs for her fans. Working on her fifth single, she promises to keep growing in her music and is not afraid to try a new direction. I am sure that whatever direction Brown wants to travel, fans will happily follow along as they recruit even more fans along with them for the journey.

Brown’s social media following is growing daily, giving her an amazing amount of support from all over the world. We laughed as we talked about our love for MySpace, though she admitted that her Twitter following is her strongest of the social media outlets. We spoke about the important role social media has played in her career thus far and what that means to her. Overall, this young female artist has impressed me with her abilities and positive outlook on life.

Please do yourself a favor and get to know her. Brown has so much to offer the world including a new fashion line. Send her a shout out and stream her on Soundcloud with your friends. Like her pages, share them and get everyone you know to do the same. Do not forget to stay up to date with all her latest news and updates by checking out her website. Download her music now and get ready to become a lifelong fan. ~Missy


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